#128: Toronto Recap, HYPERGROWTH, DC's First Concert & More

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This is a podcast episode titled, #128: Toronto Recap, HYPERGROWTH, DC's First Concert & More. The summary for this episode is: I hope you’re ready for this. DG and DC just got back from Toronto, and they’re packed with tidbits of wisdom to download. This episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC and DG give us some straight up B2B advice. One nugget they dropped? Be yourself. Sure, sounds simple, almost too easy. That’s probably why most B2B companies forget how profound it is. No one wants to buy anything from someone who is fake. It hasn’t worked in B2C, and it will never work in B2B. Sometimes in B2B, we just have to get back to the basics.

Dave Gerhardt: We're rolling.

David Cancel: Are we rolling?

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, we're rolling.

David Cancel: G2 is closing up the studio, again crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: It's nice. I need a ear piece, I think.

David Cancel: inaudible.

Dave Gerhardt: Thank you for the smoothie. Thank you.

David Cancel: I got you, that's how I am.

Dave Gerhardt: Because I got you those seed chips in Toronto.

David Cancel: That's true.

Dave Gerhardt: DC put me on... We just got back from Toronto. DC put me on... There was a great vegan food spot out there.

David Cancel: Kupfret and something crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, there's no way that's pronounced right.

David Cancel: inaudible K- U- P- F- R- E- T plus some other name that I don't know. How good was the food?

Dave Gerhardt: Amazing. Amazing!

David Cancel: You love Toronto.

Dave Gerhardt: I love Toronto.

David Cancel: Your young nephew loves Toronto.

Dave Gerhardt: I love Toronto. Actually, no. Last night I sat in Billy Bishop Airport for four hours.

David Cancel: You didn't like it then.

Dave Gerhardt: My flight went from canceled to not canceled to canceled to not canceled. I got home at 12 o'clock.

David Cancel: What time did you wake up?

Dave Gerhardt: This morning?

David Cancel: Yeah.

Dave Gerhardt: Not 5: 00 AM.

David Cancel: Not 5: 00 AM. I knew it, there's no way.

Dave Gerhardt: No. No way.

David Cancel: No way. Shattered.

Dave Gerhardt: No way. Shattered.

David Cancel: You could see the nephew shattered. I had to go get him a green juice with ginger in there to make sure that he's okay. crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: I'll be back tomorrow. I'll be there. 4: 30 tomorrow. I've been on a 4: 00 AM kick until Hypergrowth.

David Cancel: Let's go. We're going to get Hypergrowth.

Dave Gerhardt: So anyway, what do you want to talk about? Crosstalk

David Cancel: All right, let's do this. What we're going to talk about is-

Dave Gerhardt: Toronto.

David Cancel: ...we went to Toronto. Want to give you a quick recap on that. Learned some lessons up there. We want to share those. Love the people of Toronto.

Dave Gerhardt: It's amazing.

David Cancel: That's our second home.

Dave Gerhardt: It's amazing.

David Cancel: And we learned some stuff up there. We had a road show, had just under 300 people, I would guess-

Dave Gerhardt: It was unbelievable.

David Cancel: ...there packed, no empty seats there crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: No empty seats.

David Cancel: ...and we had a couple of guest speakers there.

Dave Gerhardt: Yes.

David Cancel: And we went back and forth, I think we learned some lessons. What do you think we learned?

Dave Gerhardt: So I want to talk about events for a second because I think the lesson that I keep learning over and over is... And this to me is what is amazing about marketing, right? So much of what we do is behind the scenes or it's never in front of real people, right? Like this podcast, amazing, right? But you don't feel anything from it really. You get-

David Cancel: Except for G2.

Dave Gerhardt: There's people here, but we get tweets about it. We get comments about it. Okay, it's great. You do a webinar if it's good, you get comments after, maybe you get...

David Cancel: inaudible.

Dave Gerhardt: ...LinkedIn messages after, right? You do an event though and you look out in the crowd and there's actually people there, that gives me chills every time. It doesn't matter if it's 50 people-

David Cancel: You can feel the energy.

Dave Gerhardt: ...if it's 100, if it's 300. The fact that you and I got off... We had a little miscommunication, so we walked into the venue about five minutes before the event started, Kenny was freaking out, shout out to you, Kenny.

David Cancel: inaudible.

Dave Gerhardt: It's about 300 people in there and the whole place is packed and people are coming up to us left and right." Man, I love the podcast. I love what you guys are doing at Drift." And-

David Cancel: "I'mcoming to Hypergrowth."

Dave Gerhardt: I'm coming to Hype growth!

David Cancel: How many times did you hear that?

Dave Gerhardt: I couldn't... This is why I wish that we should have had video. We should have had video there, we've discussed that with G2 next time, we'll talk about that.

David Cancel: G2, we have to smuggle G2 up there. If don't know G2 is from Venezuela and they won't let him cross the border.

Dave Gerhardt: We have to put him in a backpack.

David Cancel: Yeah. But I know some people crosstalk cross over.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah DC, his credit line probably can help, mine doesn't. So, it was crazy, literally 10 people came up to me and said," I can't wait. I'll see you in two weeks at Hypergrowth." And I was like, I know that all these people are coming, but it's... until you get there-

David Cancel: It's not real until you crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: It's not real until you feel it.

David Cancel: Yeah, it's like all events that I've been a part of. Until you're there, you always have this feeling that people are going to show up. I was listening to this story of... It was actually Henry Rollins from Black Flag. What's up henry? Was talking about someone and then he named them, it was Ozzy Osborne. And he said one thing that was amazing was that he did a show with Ozzy Osborne a long time ago, right? If you don't know Ozzy, Black Sabbath- crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: DC has a dark side.

David Cancel: ...I respect Ozzy. He said one thing that was amazing when he would do shows with Ozzy, is that Ozzy, before every show, he'd be like,"Do you think anyone is going to show up?" Right? It'd be a stadium of 30,000 people. He's still paranoid that people weren't going to show up. So every time you do an event, you have that feeling, right?

Dave Gerhardt: Every time.

David Cancel: If you're normal, you have that event.

Dave Gerhardt: Every time.

David Cancel: I mean, you have that feeling. Everyone should have that feeling of, I don't know if anyone's going to show up.

Dave Gerhardt: So, one of the things that we do in the... I have vowed to give away fewer secrets, but I can give away this one. One of the things that we do on the day of an event is we send a lot of email. Four times. No, we send three... The day of an event, our playbook is we send three emails, okay?

David Cancel: Why are you giving away less secrets?

Dave Gerhardt: Because a lot of people are copying-

David Cancel: You know who you are. You know who you are. If you were back in Queens-

Dave Gerhardt: A lot of people-

David Cancel: ...where I was, in Queens, right?

Dave Gerhardt: DC would say," Run me that."

David Cancel: Run me that run me. In Queens, we will call you biters, right? crosstalk It's all right, we love you.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah. So I'm sharing less secrets for a couple of different reasons. And I'll open up to you about this. Number one, I've seen a lot of things that I've written on other people's websites lately, which is weird.

David Cancel: Is your name on it?

Dave Gerhardt: No. I've seen a lot of other companies in this space, who didn't want to be in this space, now are very much in this space-

David Cancel: Interesting. crosstalk Weird.

Dave Gerhardt: ...and are innovating on top of our playbook. And I think that there's a lot of people that want to poke holes in what we're doing right now. And so I'm going to shut it down a little bit. I'm not going to-

David Cancel: Mm-hmm(affirmative), and just bring the results.

Dave Gerhardt: And just bring the results, yeah.

David Cancel: Okay.

Dave Gerhardt: There's also, actually, a quick side rant, about a year ago when I started doing LinkedIn videos, a lot of hate.

David Cancel: A lot of hate. I remember the hate.

Dave Gerhardt: Lot of hate.

David Cancel: Lot of hate.

Dave Gerhardt: Have you gone on LinkedIn lately?

David Cancel: crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: Everybody is doing the videos. I'm not saying I came up with that, but this is just... Everything comes full circle.

David Cancel: Everything comes full circle.

Dave Gerhardt: So anyway, one secret though, on the day of an event, we send three emails. We send one at 9: 00 AM. That's like," I'm so excited to see you that night. Can't wait." Remind people that they got to go that night. We send one that's at like 2 or 3 o'clock be like," P. S. One thing I forgot is we're going to do X." Right? And then we send one more right before the event. Now what I realize is the people who that off, because they say," Dude. DG, why did you send me three emails today? Too many." Guess what? Those people aren't going to show up anyway.

David Cancel: No.

Dave Gerhardt: Okay? The people who are going to show up, they don't care. In fact, we talked to a guy at the bar after he was like," If it wasn't for those emails, I wouldn't have came. I needed those emails."

David Cancel: Absolutely.

Dave Gerhardt: So events, stressful until you actually look out there. But it's the same thing how you always push us to go and visit customers, right? You feel the same thing. It doesn't matter if it's an event of 300 people or you go to a customer visit. When you come out of that meeting. You talked to somebody the other day and I got a thousand notes from you after that conversation. It's always comes back to that real person face- to- face conversation. It's only frustrating because it's never... if it was somebody who didn't comment on it before-

David Cancel: Who wasn't a hater.

Dave Gerhardt: ...who wasn't a hater, or said what we were doing is dumb or it's never going to work, or is wrong. That's one thing, right? If it was just Joe Schmo, all of a sudden is copying your stuff. But it always seems to be the people who are vocally not supportive of what you're doing-

David Cancel: Tear you down.

Dave Gerhardt: ...now they're doing it.

David Cancel: All right. All right, back. I'm going to get back. crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: Get back. Get the inaudible, yeah.

David Cancel: I just wanted to give that little old story to G2.

Dave Gerhardt: It's good. We're breaking down the walls. It's taken 130 episodes, but we're breaking down the walls of DC crosstalk

David Cancel: That's all you're going to get out of me.

Dave Gerhardt: Okay. To me, my takeaway from the event is the power of getting outside and connecting, which... we've talked about this a lot. This is the next wave in marketing is bringing back-

David Cancel: Humans. The human element.

Dave Gerhardt: And I think- crosstalk.

David Cancel: We used to talk about this in the early episodes of this show. We'd say hand- to- hand combat.

Dave Gerhardt: Hand- to- hand. One- to- one. We still say it, we don't say it enough. One-to-one, always crosstalk

David Cancel: We don't say it enough, but we used to say it all the time. That was our code word for doing things that don't scale, focusing on building relationships. And I can't tell you how often, even to this day, people that we've met at events-

Dave Gerhardt: They come back.

David Cancel: ...built relationships, they come back. Actually, I just got an email the other day from someone who is referencing the first takeover that we did an event where we did the run, remember the 5k run?

Dave Gerhardt: Wow. Yes.

David Cancel: So we took over this event, probably over a year ago now-

Dave Gerhardt: Sales Development Conference.

David Cancel: Sales Development Conference, shout out. And-

Dave Gerhardt: Wow. It was like seven people on the run.

David Cancel: ...we hosted a run, right? So we said, everyone who's there, we're going to host a Drift run and show up in the morning. I wasn't available, but DG did it. crosstalk I was sleeping, I slept-

Dave Gerhardt: I went to the Ritz. The event was at the Ritz- Carlton in San Francisco. So I go there at 6: 00 AM. Shout out to Kevin, who's a VP of Sales at Six he was one of the first guys there. crosstalk He helped make this a thing.

David Cancel: Yeah, he was there. But I got an email from another inaudible.

Dave Gerhardt: I saw him last night in Toronto-

David Cancel: See? It all comes back.

Dave Gerhardt: ...it all comes around.

David Cancel: Yep. And so I got an email from someone who attended that, sweated it out with DG. Again, I was not available-

Dave Gerhardt: I bet you it was Mark.

David Cancel: ...but I would have been there inaudible. And so we're connecting about working on something together.

Dave Gerhardt: It's amazing.

David Cancel: That's how you build relationships. That's what G2 likes because G2 and I are Latino, so we were like building relationships.

Dave Gerhardt: Relationships, baby. As long as they stay with inside the U. S. you can have the relationships for now.

David Cancel: Who seems more Latino, me or G2? G2, for sure.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, it depends.

David Cancel: For sure.

Dave Gerhardt: You know, the other thing though, that people-

David Cancel: He's a rocker though.

Dave Gerhardt: He is. He's got a little emo in him. You know what the other thing is though, I think people get too caught up in how this is going to scale. And so they say," Okay, yeah, but DG, if you do this one run with this one group of people, crosstalk how are you going to scale?"

David Cancel: Still giving back now. That one run that you did over a year ago has scaled more than any regular campaign, any massive campaign. Any Facebook ad, an Google ad, any...

Dave Gerhardt: No doubt. Because it's different. And this is why we wanted to do something like do a run is because it's different. To be going for a run with 10 people in the same industry you've never met before. It's six in the morning. You're sweating before an event.

David Cancel: Building relationships.

Dave Gerhardt: You have to getting to know them on a three mile run. Those are people that still message us all the time.

David Cancel: Yep. Now, we have a massive event coming up, Hypergrowth, September 4th and 24th. You can still register. That's a big event. But we've been working on, and we can't talk about it yet, some pretty crazy ideas for next year. Get ready, get ready. crosstalk next level.

Dave Gerhardt: This is a classic DC move. We're talking about next year.

David Cancel: But it's going to be... That's how we do it.

Dave Gerhardt: I know.

David Cancel: But these events that we're thinking about for next year are going to take relationship building to a new level.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah. I think it's-

David Cancel: crosstalk will have his papers by then we'll be traveling the U. S.

Dave Gerhardt: I think small is... There's a lot of stuff written about this, but the one you hear Tim Ferris talk about a lot is the Kevin Kelly a hundred... a thousand true fans or whatever.

David Cancel: A hundred true fans.

Dave Gerhardt: A hundred true fans. I think we have felt that.

David Cancel: Or a thousand, maybe you're right.

Dave Gerhardt: I think it's a thousand. A hundred is... A thousand. I don't know it needs to be a thousand. Bu I think we've felt that. I think since the beginning we focused on how can we make... Let's pick a random list, let's just grab 10 people who tweeted about Drift this week and send them a handwritten note and a T- shirt. Right? Sure. Okay. Whose budget is that coming out of? How you can justify$ 378, right? Every time. That stuff works every time-

David Cancel: Every few months.

Dave Gerhardt: Or it's even why you do the crazy stuff how on this podcast you say, I will fly you to Hypergrowth, right? We did that for-

David Cancel: By the way, I just did someone crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: You can't do it anymore. No more.

David Cancel: What?

Dave Gerhardt: So there's three or four people that we've done that for, right? Maybe all in-

David Cancel: I just did it today.

Dave Gerhardt: Okay, seven. Maybe all in that's a couple thousand bucks, right? But those people have now become our biggest supporters.

David Cancel: Can we get a inaudible whenever anyone tells me I can't do it something, then I do it five times.

Dave Gerhardt: Yes. It's in the book.

David Cancel: It's in the book. So DG keeps telling me I can't do it, so then I just do it more.

Dave Gerhardt: No, no, I know better than. I know better than to tell him that we cannot do something.

David Cancel: I'm just like, okay then I'm going to do more. Let's do more of it.

Dave Gerhardt: We cannot do something.

David Cancel: Yeah. I just did it today. A true super fan, been at multiple events, cashed in their points to fly to Boston, but then was going to fly back the same day. And I said," You're not going to be at the after party?"

Dave Gerhardt: Is this person from Toronto?

David Cancel: I cannot disclose. I said," G2 is going to be tearing it up after. You got to be there for that party." Right?

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, with the sales team.

David Cancel: With the sales team. He's been in training with the sales team, so I know he can hang. And I said," We're going to book you a hotel. We're going to set you up. We want you to be there."

Dave Gerhardt: Amazing.

David Cancel: Right? Because that's part of our community. That's how you build relationships one- on- one. That's the power of events. I think events have gotten a bad rap because so many events have become, and I don't like many events, so many of them have become so artificial, right? Have become all about people speaking at you versus people speaking with you. Less about building the relationship and more about being marketed to and vendor booths and all this kind of nonsense crosstalk turn it around.

Dave Gerhardt: Do you remember when we did, this was early on... Heaton Shaw was one of our advisors. Remember he was randomly in town one day. That morning we tweeted out Heaton is in town. We bought a bunch of pizzas.

David Cancel: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Dave Gerhardt: We bought a bunch of pizzas and we just tweeted it out. And we said the first 20 people to sign up, and we just put a Google form. And we said, first 20 people to sign up, come to our office, have lunch with Heaton crosstalk

David Cancel: That was before the no forms movement.

Dave Gerhardt: Before the no forms movement. And it was amazing.

David Cancel: People just showed up. We were tiny.

Dave Gerhardt: 20 people showed up. crosstalk

David Cancel: That was more people than we had in the company.

Dave Gerhardt: Nobody knew what Drift was. That was more than the company. Nobody knew what drift was or what we did, but we had 20 people that came to our office. We bought them lunch.

David Cancel: We hung out with Heaton crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: We just went around the table.

David Cancel: We need to do more of that.

Dave Gerhardt: We need to do more that. That was a really cool format.

David Cancel: inaudible.

Dave Gerhardt: Don't steal that one, haters.

David Cancel: G2. I want G2 to host a creative event. Yeah. Creative session.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, video session.

David Cancel: Someone get G2 a coffee.

Dave Gerhardt: He will pay for that. He's okay, it's a long day.

David Cancel: He's okay?

Dave Gerhardt: We got 10 days to Hypergrowth, man.

David Cancel: Okay, is that what he would inaudible.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, what are you talking about?

David Cancel: Shattered, shattered. The nephew looks shattered.

Dave Gerhardt: It's going to be that way. All right. Last thing I want to talk about that we got out of San Francisco... Not San Francisco, Toronto. I got San Francisco on my brain. That's the only place that I go usually.

David Cancel: That's true. DG has only been two places, Boston, San Francisco.

G2: And Indianapolis.

Dave Gerhardt: No! This year crosstalk.

David Cancel: And Indianapolis. That's right, G2 and DG shut it down in Indi.

Dave Gerhardt: My man, we went to... This year-

David Cancel: G2 still talks romantically about Indi.

Dave Gerhardt: Denver, Indianapolis, Toronto, San Francisco-

David Cancel: Denver.

Dave Gerhardt: ...Utah, Denver. Where else? A bunch of places. It's crazy. This is what we're going to do.

David Cancel: And we're sending you to Ireland in September crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: I'm going to Ireland, I'm going to Amsterdam as part of that trip.

David Cancel: Amsterdam?

Dave Gerhardt: Yep. Yep.

David Cancel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. G2 is that kosher? G2 says no. G2 says no, that's not kosher.

Dave Gerhardt: I'll be fine. This is not my sabbatical.

David Cancel: Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

Dave Gerhardt: No. Have I... No. I'm not coming back.

David Cancel: I didn't know about this G2.

Dave Gerhardt: I'm not coming back.

David Cancel: In your contract there's a little thing about the Red Light District.

Dave Gerhardt: What does it say?

David Cancel: No bueno. inaudible

Dave Gerhardt: No, I can't go out past nine o'clock. What are we going to do?

David Cancel: I'm going to have to send G2. G2, can you go to Amsterdam?

G2: inaudible come back.

Dave Gerhardt: He would definitely not come back [ crosstalk 00:14:39]

David Cancel: crosstalk I'll go over there and get both of you on a mission. Like that movie taken. You see me show up over there. Kidnap. I'll put you two in a plane with hoods over your head coming back.

Dave Gerhardt: We talked about brand at this event and it was crazy to hear the threads between different companies and how brand is like... You started to say something which is like, brand is going to the great equalizer for all these companies today, right?

David Cancel: A hundred percent.

Dave Gerhardt: Say more about that.

David Cancel: On the panel, it was myself and DG, and then we had two companies that were consumer companies, right?

Dave Gerhardt: Yes.

David Cancel: One was Wealthsimple.

Dave Gerhardt: Yep. Investment. They do financial investment. Are you going to ask me the name of the other company?

David Cancel: Yeah.

Dave Gerhardt: I forgot it.

David Cancel: What? Are you crazy?

Dave Gerhardt: It's women's underwear. I forgot the name of it.

David Cancel: I can't believe you.

Dave Gerhardt: And shout out to you Joanna. Do you know the name of it?

David Cancel: Nikki...

Dave Gerhardt: It was Joanna. Knix?

David Cancel: Knix, that's what it was.

Dave Gerhardt: Knix, wix, something like that.

David Cancel: Knix, knix.

Dave Gerhardt: Sorry, Joanna.

David Cancel: I can't believe you. crosstalk That's rude.

Dave Gerhardt: We'll put the link in the show notes. We'll send you some traffic.

David Cancel: Anyway, we were talking about consumer. Then we were talking about basically how there isn't a separation between the two anymore. And I think that's where it's going to go. I think someone in the audience asked about B2B, sales and marketing, this and that and whatever, and this whole thing. And I said... And then contrasting that to the other two guests on there and their consumer businesses, I said in five to 10 years, it will not be any different. I think the idea of sales and marketing of how we have it now in terms of even roles won't exist in that form in 10 years, right? And there won't be a difference between the two because at the end of the day, those walls are being broken and everyone is buying, right? Just like everyone buys in their normal lives. And so the two will flatten and that's one of the mega trends that we based Drift around. And so I think, in that world, learning from the current consumer companies, the ones that have done well, those are the models, right? I wouldn't model after a B2B company today, if you were a new entrant in B2B or an existing one, I'd be modeling at just who are the ones who are good at what they do and those are largely consumer- based businesses.

Dave Gerhardt: I think the thing is... the thing we get a lot of questions about is like," Okay, yeah, but DG, for brand, you guys, it's like these videos and selfie style stuff." I'm like, that's for us though. That works for us.

David Cancel: Because that fits us.

Dave Gerhardt: That fits us, that fits our brand. Our brand is, we want to be real. I want you to feel the same having a conversation with me as on this podcast, right? And if you hear DC on the podcast, he's going to feel the same if you ran into him on the street, right? That's a key piece-

David Cancel: Which is always a funny thing. When I do run into people, they're like-

Dave Gerhardt: You're the same, right.

David Cancel: inaudible the podcast.

Dave Gerhardt: That's the crazy thing.

David Cancel: I'm like, yeah, there's only one version.

Dave Gerhardt: Right? That is the craziest part. They expect you to be different.

David Cancel: This is not an act. Yeah.

Dave Gerhardt: And that's the Patagonia thing, which is, it's easier to write nonfiction that it is to write fiction.

David Cancel: And that kind of sums up the whole thing. B2B, in terms of marketing and sales-

Dave Gerhardt: You had to fake it.

David Cancel: ...has been fake and different. You had to put on a persona, you had to put on your business clothes, you had to pretend you were someone you weren't-

Dave Gerhardt: This is business DC.

David Cancel: crosstalk normal life. And what we're saying is that's going away and it's all going to be personal, right? It's all going to be human. It's whoever you are. That's who I want to do business with.

Dave Gerhardt: I got this question on a webinar did the other day, we were talking about brand and it was actually with... the trust rate is to do ratings and reviews. And somebody said," I don't what to... I'm afraid of putting myself out there." And I was like, look, there is no hack for this. This is how business is going to be in 2018. And so you have two options. You can either be uncomfortable with it and get lapped by other people or get comfortable with it. And I said, think about yourself as a consumer, right? You and I go to a new city for Drift, right? We go look for a restaurant. You find a restaurant that's right there but it has no reviews. Are you going to go to that restaurant?

David Cancel: No.

Dave Gerhardt: Hell no.

David Cancel: That's how I found my new favorite vegan spot up in-

Dave Gerhardt: Great reviews.

David Cancel: Plant-based, sorry. Plant- based spot up in Toronto because-

Dave Gerhardt: crosstalk dirty word.

David Cancel: ...I found it online, found great reviews on it. Immediately Google mapped it, where was it?

Dave Gerhardt: inaudible.

David Cancel: Saw some great reviews again. And I walked over and just had a great meal.

Dave Gerhardt: So the video stuff, that's what works for us. But I think there's lots of ways to be authentic and build a brand that are not selfie style videos. Maybe it's the way that you write or it's the way your website looks or it's the types of events you have or it's the swag you send out to your customers. There's a lot of stuff. It doesn't have to be... that's what works for us and that's what we've done.

David Cancel: Mm-hmm(affirmative), yeah. I'm hoping in 2019, I look a lot more like G2. Be wearing all black.

Dave Gerhardt: You have. Well, I think you need your post- it notes again. You had two goals.

David Cancel: Yeah. 32s and then a revenue goal.

Dave Gerhardt: A revenue goal?

David Cancel: Yeah, for the company. I've not hit the 32s, G2, I got to tell you.

Dave Gerhardt: What else is there to say crosstalk.

David Cancel: These 32s are... They're buried deep in my closet crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: Total Recall is a book, by the way. Thank you for that.

David Cancel: They're coming. But I'm back on the intermittent fasting as we all know.

Dave Gerhardt: Hambury messaged me today. Hambury is one of our sales reps, big meat head. Not going to be a meat anymore. He's coming this way.

David Cancel: He's coming this way. That's what I've been trying to tell G2, you got to live it up when you're young, right? You got to live it up because you get to be DCs tenure. You don't get to eat. I don't even get to eat and I still gain weight. I don't understand what's going on. inaudible and I had this phone call this morning. We're just like, can't eat.

Dave Gerhardt: No time.

David Cancel: I can eat. I barely eat. This is what I'm eating. I'm eating ginger green juice.

Dave Gerhardt: That's great. crosstalk loving it.

David Cancel: This is my treat. This is my treat today G2.

Dave Gerhardt: All right. Why don't you- crosstalk

David Cancel: Still no 32s. And can't eat breakfast.

Dave Gerhardt: Tell us what you're excited about.

David Cancel: Only two meals a day.

Dave Gerhardt: Tell us about Hypergrowth what you're excited about and inaudible here.

David Cancel: Let's go. Hypergrowth. September 4th. It's going to be amazing, right? So we had every year... So this is the second year of Hypergrowth. I come up with a-

Dave Gerhardt: Are you crosstalk

David Cancel: ...some would call crazy goal. DG would say it's crazy.

Dave Gerhardt: It's crazy.

David Cancel: Crazy goal for the number of people that are going to be in attendance.

Dave Gerhardt: He's crazy.

David Cancel: And we are having... Things are surging right now. And Jenna-

Dave Gerhardt: Events are so stressful.

David Cancel: ...who runs events right now is going to blow out the goals. So get your tickets now. No pressure, but we will be beyond sold out. And the reason that I mention this and the reason that she's so happy is not the goal, but because she's going to prove DG and me wrong.

Dave Gerhardt: Correct.

David Cancel: And for that, she wants to, and we'll put this on IG, smash a pie into crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: Please.

David Cancel: ...at least DG's face. Maybe mine too.

Dave Gerhardt: I'll take both if you're going to sit this one out.

David Cancel: Because she proved us wrong.

Dave Gerhardt: I'll take both. crosstalk She did, she proved us wrong.

David Cancel: Yeah, you might take both. I might be busy that day. But she proved us wrong. So it's going to be record crowd. Amazing things that we're working on the keynote right now. We've got an amazing video, amazing sound and... This is going to be like a rock concert.

Dave Gerhardt: It is going to be...

David Cancel: What's the best concert you've ever been to.

Dave Gerhardt: Wow.

David Cancel: I know you don't go to rock concerts.

Dave Gerhardt: I don't go to rock concerts.

David Cancel: What's the best... You give me...

Dave Gerhardt: Okay. I'm going to give you two.

David Cancel: All right. Two?

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah I'm going to give you two. Yeah, because they're different. They're different.

David Cancel: Okay.

Dave Gerhardt: The best one I ever went to was Jay- Z and Kanye at The Garden in 2011, okay?

David Cancel: Okay, that's proper crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: It was right after they had released Watch the Throne. The sneaky best concert I ever went to was Childish Gambino at the same venue where Hypergrowth is.

David Cancel: No way!

Dave Gerhardt: Back then it was called The Bank of America Pavilion.

David Cancel: Yeah? Same venue?

Dave Gerhardt: Same venue.

David Cancel: So I'm rocking the stage with Childish Gambino?

Dave Gerhardt: You're rocking the stage with Childish... They have every... I saw Wiz Khalifa there, everybody, there's a lot of people.

David Cancel: Okay, do you hear that G2?

Dave Gerhardt: It's a legit venue. What's the best concert you've ever been to. He's going to give us some deep cut...

David Cancel: Something deep. I mentioned it before here. I've been to a lot. The one... two, that I would go to the most-

Dave Gerhardt: inaudible bonus.

David Cancel: You know, favorite band, Social Distortion. What's up? I'm looking at you G2. All right. One of my favorite bands ever. So I've seen them a million times, small venues. I think the last time that I saw them was in New York at the... I'm trying to... I forgot the name of the place, but it's a small venue. Then Wilco. I like Wilco. So I've been following them since their first album A. M. So I've seen them a bunch of times. The best version of one of their shows was them and Conor Oberst. They did a show together. That was good.

G2: Yes!

David Cancel: Bright Eyes. Yes. Respect. And then-

Dave Gerhardt: Wow. inaudible feedback.

David Cancel: So that's in that genre. But then I'm going to go way back-

Dave Gerhardt: Go way back.

David Cancel: I mentioned it here once before you might've-

Dave Gerhardt: It's got to be Run- D. M. C or something like that. Is it?

David Cancel: Run-D.M.C, Raising Hell tour.

Dave Gerhardt: Wow!

David Cancel: I was like 12 or I don't know. We were young.

Dave Gerhardt: That's crazy.

David Cancel: We rented a limo in Queens, New York.

Dave Gerhardt: You were 12? You were not 12.

David Cancel: Yeah, we were.

Dave Gerhardt: 12?

David Cancel: We were something like that. Sixth grade. I don't know? How old are you in sixth grade?

Dave Gerhardt: Probably 12, yeah. That's amazing.

David Cancel: You grew up young in New York, I've said that before. So sixth grade, mess of us went. We had to get our parents to... I don't know how this worked, but somehow get us, back in the day of the yellow pages, a limo. It was a white limo-

Dave Gerhardt: That's cool.

David Cancel: ...like for weddings to drive us out there. Only a limo because there was so many of us. So we drive out. Nassau Coliseum on the board of Long Island and Queens. We go Raising Hell tour, Run- D. M. C, Jazzy Jeff& the Fresh Prince.

Dave Gerhardt: Wow.

David Cancel: That's how old he was.

Dave Gerhardt: We had that song Summertime play six times in the office today.

David Cancel: That was the time. Beastie Boys.

Dave Gerhardt: Pretty good.

David Cancel: EPMD. Stetsasonic.

Dave Gerhardt: Wow.

David Cancel: Public Enemy.

Dave Gerhardt: That's insane.

David Cancel: What's up?

Dave Gerhardt: That's pretty good.

David Cancel: What's up?

Dave Gerhardt: That's better than all that rock stuff you mention.

David Cancel: One show.

Dave Gerhardt: When you were 12.

David Cancel: Ridiculous.

Dave Gerhardt: That'll shape you.

David Cancel: Ridiculous. Crazy. That was when things were underground.

Dave Gerhardt: And the best part is that music is still-

David Cancel: That's when rap was crosstalk.

Dave Gerhardt: Talk about timeless. That stuff is still today. Yeah, dangerous when you're 12.

David Cancel: Yeah, there's a live album from Social Distortion, right? So listen to that, if you're into that. And in the beginning he says something which is just like that rap concert. He says, remember when punk rock was dangerous, when you couldn't just go down and get your something pierced and a crazy color for your hair. So this was when rap was dangerous.

Dave Gerhardt: Dangerous.

David Cancel: And when I was seeing Social D, that's when punk rock was still a little bit dangerous. All right.

Dave Gerhardt: All right.

David Cancel: People, September 24, San Francisco. September 4th, Boston. Both are going to be blown out. Both are going to be amazing. You're going to get to hang with G2. These are both in the United States borders so he will be there. Leave six star ratings.

Dave Gerhardt: We have some crazy announcements.

David Cancel: Look at him. Look at the young crosstalk

Dave Gerhardt: I haven't been this excited. Like the place is going to be packed, but I can't wait.

David Cancel: inaudible announcements.

Dave Gerhardt: Finishing up the press release as we speak. It's meaty.

David Cancel: It's meaty.

Dave Gerhardt: Yeah, it's meaty.

David Cancel: All right. It's going to be heavy. All right. See you there. Six star reviews only. Shout it out G2.

G2: Yep.

David Cancel: Get him some energy. The guy is winding down. He's young, but I don't know, he's out of steam. Let's go.

Dave Gerhardt: We're out.


I hope you’re ready for this. DG and DC just got back from Toronto, and they’re packed with tidbits of wisdom to download. This episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC and DG give us some straight up B2B advice. One nugget they dropped? Be yourself. Sure, sounds simple, almost too easy. That’s probably why most B2B companies forget how profound it is. No one wants to buy anything from someone who is fake. It hasn’t worked in B2C, and it will never work in B2B. Sometimes in B2B, we just have to get back to the basics.