#130: Jocko, Casey, & More - It's a HYPERGROWTH East Recap

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This is a podcast episode titled, #130: Jocko, Casey, & More - It's a HYPERGROWTH East Recap. The summary for this episode is: On this episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC & DG recap the behind the scenes of HYPERGROWTH East, including lessons from Jocko Willink, Casey Neistat, and what happened with Grant Cardone. HYPERGROWTH West is coming to San Francisco in 2 weeks on Monday 9/24 and there are a limited number of tickets still available. Visit hypergrowth.com and use the promo code SEEKINGWISDOM for a little surprise.

David: We are recording now.

Speaker 2: All right. You ready?

David: I'm ready.

Speaker 2: All right.

Speaker 3: That's helpful crosstalk

David: Oh yeah, so you know where to cut it.

Speaker 2: Okay.

David: So what are we doing today?

Speaker 2: crosstalk We got a special guest.

David: crosstalk I heard someone. What?

Speaker 2: Okay. So we were going to do, today's a day after Hypergrowth.

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: All I want to do right now is go home.

David: And go to sleep.

Speaker 2: And go to sleep.

David: Yeah, you're not alone. Everyone's like...

Speaker 2: Everyone is shattered, but we have a special guest

David: We do?

Speaker 2: Which we're going to talk about.

Katherine: Hey.

Speaker 2: Why don't we do intros? Why don't we intro quick before we get crosstalk We got a lot to talk about today.

David: Intro of myself?

Speaker 2: Yeah. Come on, man. This is your show.

David: I'm David Cancel. DC, AKA The uncle. AKA OG.

Speaker 2: Yes.

David: Who are you?

Speaker 2: I'm DG, AKA The nephew. And then this is Katherine, live from Toronto, but we're in Boston.

Katherine: So Katherine Ducie, most people call me Duce. Ducie, or...

Speaker 2: Okay. Duce, I like Duce.

Katherine: I like Duce too.

Speaker 2: So we had this plan. So today, the day after Hypergrowth, I thought we would come on and do a recap for thousands of people were there. A bunch of people were not, but I also want to talk about behind the scenes because yesterday was a really cool day from being behind the scenes. And then all of a sudden you're here, you're in the mix. So what the hell happened? Why are you? Why is Katherine on Seeking Wisdom right now? That's what I want to talk about.

Katherine: Oh man.

David: When does this story start?

Katherine: Oh shoot, 5: 30 yesterday morning. crosstalk

Speaker 2: I think we've got to go all the way back. This crosstalk story goes back to the last week. That was a week ago. crosstalk

Katherine: crosstalk Two weeks ago.

David: Two weeks ago. crosstalk

Speaker 2: Two weeks ago in Toronto.

Katherine: Yeah, Drift Roadshow.

Speaker 2: Two weeks ago you're in Toronto?

Katherine: Yeah, so you guys came to Toronto. We had a great time. The Drift Roadshow. Kenny Goldman ran the event. It was so amazing. And at the end of it, I said, yo, guys, I love you. I'd love to come to Hypergrowth, but I can't make it. I just launched my company. You know, keeping costs down DC and DG coming through in the clutch say, Hey, no way, man. We got you.

David: We got you. You're coming.

Katherine: Wow.

David: Yeah.

Katherine: Mind blown.

Speaker 2: So a lot of times DC is just inaudible at the end. I just want to make sure people know this at the end of the show, DC, all the time is like, boom, we'll fly you here. Boom. This thing, that thing, inaudible This is real.

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Like you're here, right? We flew you to Hypergrowth. However, you didn't actually go to crosstalk Hypergrowth. So what happened?

Katherine: So yesterday morning, I got to the gate at an hour before my flight and dude that crosstalk to me is no big deal.

David: No big deal.

Katherine: Like an hour before.

Speaker 2: inaudible usually gets to the gate 10 minutes before his flight crosstalk so.

Katherine: You should've seen me. I walk in with my backpack. No big deal. Hey, how's it going? To everybody inaudible go to the kiosk. I can't get on my flight. And I'm like, oh snap, I ain't going to Hypergrowth. So shout out to Air Canada and everyone at the airline because these guys were scrambling to figure out how to get me here, because they knew I was excited. Anyway. Fast forward to 4: 30, I'm jumping on a flight to Boston.

David: PM?

Katherine: PM yeah.

Speaker 2: 1:30 PM. It's about an hour flight. So you figure, okay. I'll make it for the crosstalk.

David: After party.

Speaker 2: After party crosstalk.

Katherine: You bet.

Speaker 2: Problem is you didn't know it was a boat cruise.

David: No.

Katherine: No.

David: I said we'll hold the boat. So we're going back and forth inaudible I'm like, come down and you got to hit the party. We'll hold the boat. And what did you think I meant?

Katherine: We're going to hold the show for you. We're not going to start until you get here.

Speaker 2: Like the saying like, oh yeah, hold the boat.

Katherine: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Hold the boat.

Katherine: Yeah crosstalk.

David: We didn't have that saying in Queens.

Katherine: No crosstalk

Speaker 2: When DC says, hold the boat. He literally physically means like, crosstalk hold the boat. Like, don't go inaudible

Katherine: So you have to understand something about me. I'm pretty chill. I don't plan a lot of stuff. I roll with the punches, which makes me a good entrepreneur too. I'm like, whatever. I'll just pivot. I'll just figure this out. So I show up at the venue thinking I'm going to see people with t- shirts.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Katherine: Didn't, so I'm wandering the street and I see this group of people wearing blue wristbands. And I sneak over like a weirdo and I see Hyper- growth on them. Hey man, are you guys going to the VIP party? The guy said, nah, no, we actually just met up for dinner. And I said, do you know where it is? Points to the ocean. inaudible

Speaker 2: It's out there. Unbelievable.

David: How did you feel right then?

Katherine: I laughed my face off. crosstalk.

David: You're amazing.

Katherine: They had no idea what was going on.

David: Yeah, they were like, crosstalk this woman is crazy.

Katherine: Crazy.

Speaker 2: I would have flipped out crosstalk

Katherine: And I said, wow, okay, cool, bye.

David: Yeah.

Katherine: It was good.

David: So then I wake up this morning and I'm looking at my messages and I'm seeing all of Katherine's messages. Like, Hey boat just got here, missed the boat. This, I'm like...

Speaker 2: Missed the boat. You're like, missed the boat. Is this a saying, or this is real?

Katherine: I wrote Dave, exclamation mark. You actually meant a boat?

David: Yeah, and I was like, oh no.

Speaker 2: So Katherine is here today and we figured DC messaged me and he said, we should have her, we should have you on the podcast. A, to tell the story, B, to show people. We do fly. This is real right. You're here. But also if we're going to recap Hyper- growth since you couldn't be there, we figured at least be on the podcast as we recap Hypergrowth. It's the closest crosstalk

David: Because I thought I heard some wild stories yesterday of people who came. There were some, two guys who came from Desk nibbles, is their company.

Speaker 2: Desks Nibbles?

David: And it is a company in Ottawa. And they drove down, those two young...

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, I spent like an hour with them out on the back deck.

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Okay.

David: They actually made the boat.

Speaker 2: They made the boat.

David: Sorry, and they were so they were telling us, telling me the story. They drove down, the two of them from Ottawa. Then they car breaks down in Vermont.

Speaker 2: Halfway, it's a seven hour drive, three and a half hours in, car breaks down. They call a tow truck.

David: They call a tow truck. They get finally a jump to get it started. They get back in the car, they make it down. And they came and hung out on the boat. And then they texted me this morning that they were driving back to Ottawa this morning.

Speaker 2: Amazing.

David: Amazing, crazy.

Katherine: Legends.

David: And I thought that story was crazy. It was not as crazy as your story. Not even close.

Speaker 2: No not even close. I met a guy last night, Vitus.

David: Oh yeah, from Lithuania.

Speaker 2: He was the tallest guy in the boat.

David: Yeah by far.

Speaker 2: He could barely fit on, like had to be at least 6'8.

David: 6'6, I asked him.

Speaker 2: 6'6?

David: I turned, I didn't see him come on the boat and I turned like this, and then I thought it was a wall. I didn't even know it was a person. Because he was wearing a black shirt and I was basically up to here.

Speaker 2: I just hear, DG, DG. And I'm like, oh. He goes, I just want to, he's like, I just want to. And he gives me this big bear hug. He's like, I flew 4, 000 miles to get here. I was like, what. [ crosstalk 00:06:42] Crazy. And he was partying. It was just amazing.

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Yesterday was an amazing day.

Katherine: Did he make it onto the boat?

Speaker 2: Yeah. He made it on the boat. 4,000 miles crosstalk.

David: All of these stories end with, they made it on the boat. Except for the first story.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

David: The first story, crosstalk.

Speaker 2: You arguably had the easiest trip, hour flight.

Katherine: Arguably.

David: I know on paper. The easiest flight.

Katherine: Yeah.

David: Yeah. No, 4, 000 hours, 4, 000 miles. I should say.

Speaker 2: So let's recap yesterday. Have you had time to process yesterday yet?

David: I'm still processing it. And it was, surreal when you're at an event like that and you've been working on it. Even when we do small events, they're surreal. Because you're just meeting a flurry of people and just heightened because so many people had come from so many different places. And so you're not taking it in. You're not there. Also, we were doing some talks. I was actually didn't see many of the talks. I basically didn't see any of the talks. I saw a little bit of it, but I got to spend time with all of the speakers and was blown away.

Speaker 2: I want to talk about some of that. So the high from this is really weird. Like I've been in the weirdest mood today because I can't...

David: What kind?

Speaker 2: I don't know. I feel like I yesterday was such a high. It was like the most amazing thing of my career. Because and we hype up Hypergrowth right. And it's this big day and it's this big event, everyone's inaudible. And then when it is what you want it to be, it's overwhelming. And I couldn't go to sleep last night.

David: You couldn't?

Speaker 2: I snuck out after the after party. I did not go to the after, after party.

David: No I saw that.

Speaker 2: You saw that?

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I called the little lift and I got out of there. So I was home by like 10: 00 and I couldn't drink. And I couldn't get myself to go to sleep. I just was all hopped up. Because I think you're just on from seven to seven and then that all happens. And I'm just looking at Twitter all day and looking at LinkedIn, it was unbelievable. Like we said, there's no feeling like that. I've literally just being in a sea of people who follow what you're doing, what you're building, give you feedback, positive, negative. Everything like, to have that connection with people is insane.

David: What were your biggest takeaways? Let's share them with Katherine.

Speaker 2: My biggest takeaways from the day yesterday were the real connection with people. I want to triple down on events like six X, 10 X on events. Because every time we do them, like when we were with you guys in Toronto. 200 people in a room to this thing, thousands of people in the room to a dinner with 10 people. It always, just like, you text me the other day. Like, hand- to- hand, why you always say, one- to- one, hand- to- hand always.

David: Always works.

Speaker 2: Always works. Events always work. Right. If you do them, right. And you get 10 people in a room or a thousand people in a room, they always work. That's the number one thing I take away.

Katherine: People don't remember what you say. They remember how you make them feel, right?

David: Yeah, mm-hmm(affirmative).

Katherine: And that's through being with someone, that attraction that energy.

Speaker 2: 100 percent, and I think like, the thing that we, DC this is, he won't remember this, but I'll give it to him anyway. Early lesson, he told me, which is like, think about what do you, he said, think about what you remember from an event, right?

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: You don't remember all 20 speakers, all 10 speakers. You remember one or two things similar to, you know, how we talk about reading a lot and like the approach on books, right? Like pick one thing, you remember one thing. And then, if the food was any good, right? Or you could get on the wifi. You usually remember one or two things. And so we try to optimize for people to have that.

David: That takeaway.

Speaker 2: One or two big takeaways, which I think if you try to get everything right, you're not going to. But overall, can you get that one or two things that people are going to walk away from.

David: Does that sound like a good event?

Katherine: It sounded like a great event.

Speaker 2: The other thing that was crazy was it was open. Right? We, I wanted everybody in their seats, but around the perimeter was just everybody hanging out, playing games. To be able to, you could have a drink and play Cornhole while watching Jocko onstage is like, is incredible.

David: Did you like the venue?

Speaker 2: The venue was amazing.

David: Yeah. I had never been to this venue. Right. I had never even seen it. I had no idea. And I don't think, I don't know how close to the event I actually processed that it was outdoor.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Well no, okay. So we did the run- through, so Monday...

David: Because I had never visited.

Speaker 2: Monday night. It was 7: 00, by the time we did DC's run through on Monday night, it was 7: 00 PM. It was 95 degrees out. And so we were texting each other, what do you wear? What do we do? Luckily it was 10 degrees cooler. In the day there was a breeze and everything, but Monday was like, whoa, this is going to be a sweaty place to be.

David: It was a big change because I didn't know the details of the venue or the layout or any of that stuff.

Speaker 2: We tried to keep some stuff crosstalk secret.

David: I'd say in the first year I was pretty close to it. But Jana who did an amazing job creating the entire venue crosstalk And she does the Roadshows, and she's doing Hyper growth West, like had this so under control, that I was not in it. I was not involved. I could totally pull away. But that led to me a week before being like, what this is outside? Like what about if it rains? crosstalk And what about if this happens?

Katherine: Actually, Jenna.

David: Yeah.

Katherine: Love the strategy with her reaching out, a couple of times, the day of, and the night before. You guys are sending out some emails. It's a great reminder to people too. And some people actually, I think I heard this on your last episode where you said some people hate that.

David: Yeah.

Katherine: That's okay.

David: Mm-hmm(affirmative).

Katherine: Then they shouldn't come to the event.

David: No, crosstalk yeah they're not going to be happy at the event. crosstalk

Speaker 2: No, it's intentional. We talked about it a lot. It's something that we do the day before an event, the morning of the event, we send a ton of reminders because we want to make sure that people who are going to go have all the information and like me, or like DC, or like you, I know I'm going to event. And I don't save that email in my inbox and the morning of the event, I'm like, oh, where's that place? And so we want to make sure that on the morning of the event, the second you go to your inbox, the address is there, everything you need is there.

David: Yeah.

Katherine: Next time we just need to know the after party's on a boat. The email would have been helpful.

Speaker 2: crosstalk You would be like, I read all the emails crosstalk.

Katherine: I read the Twitter, I read the Insta, I read the LinkedIn.

Speaker 2: 5: 30 AM flight from Toronto, which is one hour. We would've thought you would've been there.

David: So painful. All right. Who is your, so we did one thing that not normal at events, we had no agenda.

Speaker 2: No agenda. We had no agenda.

Katherine: So my jam. Yes, no agenda.

Speaker 2: Really?

Katherine: Yes. Right, because when there's an agenda, everyone's so sticking to it and then you can't be authentic sometimes. What if that's not the way you're supposed to be at that moment? So I think free- flowing is the way to go. But Hey, that's just my opinion.

Speaker 2: A couple of reasons we didn't have an agenda. Number one is we wanted this to be an experience. We wanted people to commit to the day, right? We didn't want you to come from 10 to 11 for one thing, we wanted you to say, I'm here for the day. And I think your mindset is different when you're committed right? To live in the now. We talked about the now a lot yesterday and we will be talking more about the now. With Drift, but we want people to just be there and be present and just don't worry about anything else that's happened they be here. But then also we wanted to just keep people guessing and not say, okay, I know so- and- so speaks at 3: 00. So I'm going to maybe go to Hypergrowth at 2:00. And then I'll duck out where we were like, we wanted to get you there and get you stuck for the day. Not, and stuck in a good way where you're just more committed. It's like, when you read a good book, right, you want to keep going and get to the end. That's what we wanted to do.

David: And I think it worked at the end. And I talked to a lot of people who wanted the agenda, wanted to schedule times. And by the mid part of the day, they were totally into it.

Speaker 2: They bought it.

David: Including our friends from Lithuania. crosstalk Who wanted an exact schedule.

Speaker 2: You know what was crazy? I forgot about that. But then I realized when I was introing some speakers, I forgot that they didn't know who's next.

David: No idea.

Speaker 2: So when I would start to read the intro, I could hear a little, a couple like. When it was Casey or whatever. This next guy is a YouTube and people were like. And so that part was really cool.

David: I like that. Who was your favorite speaker?

Speaker 2: So I had a hard time paying attention to a lot of the content, but I'll give you two. So just completely. I can't, I have chills still thinking about this. Jocko and Casey were just incredible behind the scenes. I could cry right now. I'm serious. I have chills because they came. Each of them came by themselves. No entourage, no handlers. Jocko literally, I'm standing out there eating lunch. My wife was there, Leah, shout out Leah. She was hanging out backstage all day. We're sitting there eating lunch and all of a sudden in the VIP entrance where the people come in, Jocko walks around the corner. He's got two bags and a hat on. And he just walks up to me and he shakes my hand. And I go, you're not with anybody? He goes, Nope, I'm staying right around the corner. So he literally flew in by himself, goes to a hotel, can come to the event. I mean, who's going to do anything to him first of all? crosstalk

Katherine: How does the saying go? The rich don't become assholes, they already are.

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Yeah that's what he said. He said, look, he said, my brand. He said, crosstalk I am me, this is my brand. I'm not a diva. I have no requests. So he's there. However, he wasn't speaking until 5: 15 and he showed up at 12:00. And he hung out backstage.

David: And spoke to everyone.

Speaker 2: With us all day.

David: crosstalk Answered questions. Took a bazillion pictures.

Speaker 2: A bazillion pictures, shook hands. He was talking, he talked to Leah for probably three hours about everything from, we talked about books. We talked about plant- based diet. We talked about kids. We talked about everything and he was just hanging out. That was amazing. And then Casey was the same. Casey was the same way. I was a little nervous about Casey because you know, having watched so much of his stuff, I know that he doesn't, like, he says a lot. I don't like when people, do X, Y, and Z. And I didn't want people to freak out. And, and he just was cool. And I think he was surprised at how real we were. Nobody treated him like. We were like, we want to treat him just like everybody else. And he came in and he hung out. And he stayed for much longer than we thought he would. He, we made the vlog today. If you've subscribed to Casey Neistat on YouTube, we were in his vlog today, which was so cool.

David: Well not we. DGs in the vlog.

Speaker 2: No you're in there. You didn't see yourself?

David: No, I didn't go that far.

Speaker 2: When he walks on stage, you're seeing it. Then he goes in the back and he did a critique of our green room. Vig is in it. Alex inaudible is in it. Everybody's in it.

David: Get out of here.

Speaker 2: It's really cool.

David: That's crazy. Do you like Casey Neistat?

Katherine: So I didn't know him until I looked at the list of presenters. So I started following him immediately. Very impressed by him. But everyone else, I did know. Actually, I have a question for you guys.

Speaker 2: Shoot.

Katherine: How did you decide, who would attend as the presenter? Who would be on your panel?

David: Who would, the speakers? crosstalk That was a hard one.

Katherine: Was there a process for this?

David: There was like sort of a loose process to it, yeah. crosstalk I think we were, we started to look through basically people that we had listened to their stuff. We had read some of their stuff. We had somehow, it's almost like when we talk about books here or we talk about other things, it's just stuff that we're interested in. Right. So there were all of these people who were different people that we were exploring and trying to figure out, what do they do? How do they work? What's going on? It seems like they've been able to do something. So I think the allure at first for all of them was like, wow, they've taken, they've gone from like zero to something big in terms of building a brand. Right. And so then that's what we want to talk about at Hypergrowth. And, and we want to share those lessons and maybe they can share some lessons. And so it was really from a place of curiosity of like, wow, it looks like while Casey did this thing and Molly did this thing. And going down the line, they've all done this thing. Jocko. And they're all so radically different from different backgrounds, almost no overlap. And so it was also surreal to see a lot of them speaking backstage, like Molly hanging out with Jocko crosstalk inaudible

Speaker 2: I saw Jocko...

David: But there was so much overlap. And even she said that there was so much overlap in the stuff that they think about and do, but wildly different backgrounds.

Katherine: And you guys brought it all together, which I think is so cool.

Speaker 2: I think DC's guardrail for us in this event from the beginning has been, the bar has to be people that we can learn from. Right? And then teach others. And then the other, if that's one A, one B is also, but not people who are on the circuit. Right?

David: Yes.

Speaker 2: Because you go to a lot events in this industry.

David: And it's the same people.

Speaker 2: You know, I love Seth Godin and I would love to have him speak, but he's at every event in the marketing and sales space. And so that just wouldn't attract the unique crowd that we want. Or GaryVee, love him also. But we want to try to find the next people. And it was really cool because there was a lot of people who weren't exposed to Casey and now are fans, and get how that's such a good plug into the sales and marketing world.

David: Yeah but it's such an important criteria, which is like we need to be able to feel like we can learn from them because, and that's why we don't end up having even good friends who are amazing speakers. Because we were doing similar things to them or maybe they've had shared that content a lot. Right. It's like, it's been repeated. And so we're always looking outside of just the people that we're around and trying to find new people to learn from.

Speaker 2: Yeah. All right. You want to wrap up? You want to talk about inaudible

David: Yeah, so a bunch of stuff. So I'd say a good segue from Katherine on how we pick speakers. We had an amazing day and one bad speaker. So we had, which was Grant Cardone. We had Grant Cardone come speak and I didn't catch all of his talk like the rest of them. But I saw something happening in the bits that I caught. The beginning was, it felt strong and it felt like, okay, this is going to be good. He's going to, he's controversial. He's going to push some edges. But it was, it was strong.

Speaker 2: I remember texting you saying like, oh, he talked about list segmentation, some other stuff. I was like, okay, this is good.

David: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I agree.

David: And then, and I was back backstage or somewhere, and then there was a point halfway through it, that was just off the rails. We're going off the rails. And I was like, oh, I'm thinking it's like, I need a hook. Where's the hook? What's going on? And it was almost like I have, and this is just my hypothesis, that he had a lot of solid content for 30 minutes or whatever the time was, 20 minutes. And then it was like, I'm out of content. I'm going off the rails, I'm pulling inaudible I'm saying insane, crazy things. And just that, have no, there's no narrative. I'm just like going off script and just trying to get a rise out of people. And it was...

Katherine: Did it work?

David: Did it get a rise out of people? Did it polarize people? crosstalk.

Speaker 2: Not the right one.

David: crosstalk Yeah definitely polarized people. And it was a, and so I got up after. I, again didn't catch all of it. Then he disappeared. He left.

Speaker 2: Gone.

David: And he was on like the rest of the speakers. And then we tried to figure out a time of like, I need to, I want to go on stage and talk about that. What just happened, because that's not, has nothing to do with our values. We didn't know he was going to do that. And I failed. I should have done a better job of vetting all of them. And I thought he had some interesting stuff there. And then it went really bad.

Speaker 2: Yeah. And this is no excuse. But we were, when you're behind, with us behind the stage all day. You don't always know what's happening outside. And so it, we started to see some of the stuff on Twitter and that's when we had this conversation. Like, okay, when's a good opportunity for DC to get out on stage and actually go do this? And the craziest part about all this stuff is, we had Jocko with us behind the scenes and we said, Hey, here's what we're going to do. And he said, yeah I think you guys got to get out there. I think you got to get out in front of everybody and take ownership of it.

David: He was amazing.

Speaker 2: He was amazing.

Katherine: Of course you'd say that.

Speaker 2: He was amazing but he didn't, he wasn't like this personality. He was like, no, I'm on your team. I want to help you guys get through this. And that was amazing.

David: Earlier in the day I had been spending a lot of time with him and he was by far my favorite speaker. He was my favorite even going into it. I had never heard him speak, but just of his content. And then, but spending time with him hours and hours and hours back there, I was like, this guy is 10 times better than I would have guessed.

Speaker 2: Do you remember what you said to me? He's not like you said, what'd you say? You said he doesn't feel like a character.

David: Yeah. I said that to him too. I said, I turned to him at one point, I was like, oh, you're real. And he was like, what do you mean by that? And I was like, you're a real person, right? This is bizarre. And he's like, what? And I was just like, because I spent so much time around these speakers and I'm like, they're like cartoon. But I don't want to slight them. But they're just like an accentuated character. It's hard to understand, who is this person? Right? To break through. And this person, he was so real and was spending so much time in genuine interest in everything. And everybody that you were like, what? This guy is amazing.

Speaker 2: It was not normal.

David: So he was by far my favorite speaker, but we had some amazing...

Speaker 2: Amazing.

David: Other speaker was Ryan Deiss. Who's a friend of ours, did an amazing job on something that he and I have geeked out for a long time that he's never shared before.

Speaker 2: Yeah, you know that's the first time crosstalk we'd done that talk?

David: Yeah crosstalk character diamonds. Because we'd talked so much about storytelling and all that kind of stuff. He was amazing. Molly Graham is phenomenal. Always amazing. We were fortunate to have her give a smaller version, a much smaller version of that talk to the team internally here, probably six months ago or something like that. Less than a year ago. So she's phenomenal. Next level. Chaka was amazing. I had never met her or talked to her.

Speaker 2: She was amazing. She was another one, she hung out all day.

David: All day.

Speaker 2: All day.

David: Yeah. No ego, just like interested. Like what's, who's on next?

Speaker 2: After her talk, [crosstalk 00:23: 50 ] after Chaka went, she went out and sat in the audience.

David: Yeah.

Katherine: So you know that they say that the world shows up around you, the way that you show up around the world?

David: Mm- hmm( affirmative).

Speaker 2: I love that.

Katherine: You guys being so easy going, it allows people to just show and be themselves.

Speaker 2: Its amazing.

Katherine: So if there was so much organization going on, I think people might've left. They might've been like, this sucks. It's very conference- y, but it wasn't, you guys created that.

David: That's awesome.

Katherine: Credit all, like hats off. That is so brilliant.

David: So many people who I got messages today, referenced it as a festival.

Speaker 2: Festival.

David: They're like, conference, parentheses, festival, question mark.

Speaker 2: Which we never said that publicly. We say it internally. That, that's what we want to do yet, we haven't. Speaking of, we got one more to do.

David: Okay.

Speaker 2: Two and a half weeks.

David: Yes. Two and a half weeks.

Speaker 2: San Francisco.

David: September 24th. Hypergrowth. Look at atherine laughing.

Speaker 2: San Francisco. We got to do it again.

David: We're doing it again. crosstalk.

Speaker 2: I woke up this morning and I realized like, oh, we're not done.

David: No.

Speaker 2: We're not done.

David: We have two weeks.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

David: And so who's going to be speaking?

Speaker 2: The crowd is heavy out in San Francisco. We got Rich Roll. Patty McCord.

David: Amelia Boone.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Katherine: I discovered Patty through you guys.

David: Get out of here.

Katherine: Yeah, I was listening to the podcast. crosstalk.

Speaker 2: So Patty. The hard part about this stuff is that Patty has now, she published a book. We had her on the podcast last year. Then she published a book. Now she's gotten, she's done a lot of stuff. So she's been at a bunch of other conferences, but I think we can get her to bring the realness.

David: The realness, yes. She's amazing. So Amelia Boone is a competitive runner.

Speaker 2: Amelia Boone...

David: Ultra runner now.

Speaker 2: Is an ultra runner. I had no idea that she...

David: She's an ultra runner now, but she used to be a, what does that call it again? Obstacle runner.

Speaker 2: Obstacle runner. crosstalk Spartan race.

David: Yeah, champion.

Speaker 2: But I had no idea. Like I, we asked her to speak and I actually didn't know that, you know what her day job is?

David: She's a lawyer.

Speaker 2: She's a lawyer at Apple.

David: Yeah. But we just knew her from the sports stuff.

Speaker 2: Yeah which is crazy, which makes the story that much cooler.

David: Who else is speaking? Sangram's speaking

Speaker 2: Sangram is speaking.

David: Our friend.

Speaker 2: Steli Efti. So Steli might, I haven't heard this talk, but Steli and I talked a couple months ago about him speaking at Hypergrowth.

David: inaudible.

Speaker 2: And he said, we were talking about reading books and he goes, I love Seeking Wisdom because you guys talk about books and he goes, I have a talk idea, it's a great one to have you speak at Hypergrowth. And he said, it's going to be why books saved my life. I'm like, okay.

David: From Steli?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

David: That's amazing.

Speaker 2: So the lineup is packed.

David: Our friend Heaton.

Speaker 2: Heaton is coming out. My brain is toast right now. I could go pull up the whole lineup, but I promise you actually, we just, so here's the deal. If you go to hypergrowth. drift. com, we took the East stuff off the website.

David: No you go to Hypergrowth.com.

Speaker 2: Oh yes, DC got the URL. Fun fact, crosstalk DC came in crosstalk go to Hypergrowth. DC is like, this is the Steve jobs in DC. Simplify. Right? Simplify. So hypergrowth. com and the whole West agendas up. Okay. No time slots. But you'll see everybody that's there. We're getting on a plane.

David: Yeah. Hypergrowth. See you there. September 24th. What do you think the odds that Katherine will be there?

Speaker 2: Knowing you, high. crosstalk

David: High. We'll see.

Katherine: I'm free.

David: Yeah, she's free.

Speaker 2: She's free. All right.

Katherine: crosstalk inaudible.

David: Let's send her a GoPro to film her stuck at the Toronto airport.

Katherine: Yes crosstalk done.

David: No, don't won't happen again. All right. Send us out of here.

Speaker 2: Send us out.

David: Six star ratings only. Please shout out to Katherine in there. That's a Katherine with a K and crosstalk let her know and come out to San Francisco, and hang out with all of us crosstalk out there. And let's place bets on whether Katherine makes it or not.

Speaker 2: All right.

Katherine: All right.

David: She's going to make it.


On this episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC & DG recap the behind the scenes of HYPERGROWTH East, including lessons from Jocko Willink, Casey Neistat, and what happened with Grant Cardone. HYPERGROWTH West is coming to San Francisco in 2 weeks on Monday 9/24 and there are a limited number of tickets still available. Visit hypergrowth.com and use the promo code SEEKINGWISDOM for a little surprise.