#81: The Reason We Started Seeking Wisdom

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This is a podcast episode titled, #81: The Reason We Started Seeking Wisdom. The summary for this episode is: If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. ----- It only took 81 episodes, but it finally hit DC why we started Seeking Wisdom. Here's a quick bonus episode on the why behind Seeking Wisdom.

Speaker 1: This morning, I came in. I'm like," Oh, I know why we started Seeking Wisdom." 81 episodes later. We're on?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: We got this?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 1: All right.

Speaker 2: This is impromptu.

Speaker 1: Let's do it.

Speaker 2: It's not going to be impromptu. All right. Why did we start Seeking Wisdom?

Speaker 1: Great question.

Speaker 2: It hit you.

Speaker 1: It hit me last night. I actually last night... This morning I came in I'm like," Oh, I know why we started Seeking Wisdom." 81 episodes later.

Speaker 2: This would be 81.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I finally figured out. You see how important I am?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I knew which episode number we're on.

Speaker 2: I love that. It's new. It's new.

Speaker 1: All right. So what I figured out was the way that Seeking Wisdom started was when Dave and I used to have conversations. All of us at Drift would have conversations internally about different things, whether it was personal growth or professional growth or physical health.

Speaker 2: Yeah, books we were reading, articles.

Speaker 1: All of that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2: crosstalk had a channel on Slack, like learning, just put stuff in there.

Speaker 1: Yeah exactly. So we would have these conversations internally. And the reason we were having these conversations internally is that we were deliberate as part of recruiting people to this day, but especially in the early days, recruiting people that were obsessed with learning and wanting to get better. So that was the common thread between all of us. And so we had these conversations and then all of a sudden, I think it dawned on us that, hey, we could record these conversations. Let's start recording these conversations. See if we could turn it into a podcast. And if it's successful, maybe we could find other like- minded people who care about accelerated learning to join us here at Drift from a recruiting standpoint. And then we did it. And then it was like," Oh, wow, there are other people that care about this." A lot of other people.

Speaker 2: Right. People were listening like," Oh, I love the way..." And if you go back and you probably look at the first 0 to 10 episodes, they're all about morning routines, books, habits, learning. Yes, we still talk about that a lot, but those were very intentional, okay, these are things that we talked about.

Speaker 1: Yeah. And then it dawned on me that wait, the people listening are people that are interested in transformation. In the personal and professional transformation. They're interested in hypergrowth. And they're people who want to question conventional wisdom. And those are exactly the type of people that are the best people for us as a business to use Drift, because we are rethinking the way that the world, the sales and marketing, we're leading this transformation that we think has just begun. And who are the best people to go out and evangelize that? People that are interested in transformation. And so just dovetail the turn... It didn't start from," Hey, we need more leads first from a marketing need."

Speaker 2: No. That was the furthest thing from it. It was basically like how do we... We're obsessed with this idea of the best marketing is just being you. And so this was the best example of that, where there was no goal. The goal was just to, I bet you people that are like us might think the same way, so let's record it. And let's see what happens.

Speaker 1: Yeah. And maybe some of them that are in Boston, and maybe a few of those that are in Boston will want to join us on this journey and to transform things. And then it turned out that people around the world cared about it. And those people also were the same people who cared about changing the way that we all do sales and marketing.

Speaker 2: Yeah. So, what we're doing is reinventing an industry that people know really well and are used to a traditional way of doing things. We have some of those people that have bought Drift now because we're starting to cross the chasm. If you go all the way back.

Speaker 1: Jeffrey Moore, I'm coming for you. We're crossing.

Speaker 2: Coming for him. But it's all about visionaries, right?

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: That's who the early audience of Seeking Wisdom was, that's who the thousand people that are going to be at Hypergrowth are all going to be. It's the same.

Speaker 1: And it's amazing because if we would have taken the conventional approach to getting leads or getting people interested in Drift, the people who would respond to the conventional approach are exactly the opposite that we want, because they're not the ones who are going to transform the way sales and marketing works today.

Speaker 2: I never thought of it like that. I never thought.

Speaker 1: It's the reverse role model.

Speaker 2: Thinking about it. It's the reverse, or invert. We inverted. Because cause you're right. If we said we're going to launch this podcast because it's going to generate leads, what would we have done? We would have been on here talking about six ways to optimize your Facebook ads. We sell to marketers and salespeople. So we would have been talking about that stuff. We talked about the complete opposite of that stuff. We talked about you eating plants, you working out, you doing yoga.

Speaker 1: Hashtag plant-based.

Speaker 2: Hashtag plant- based, what's up Rich. Doing books we've read, routines, habits, hiring. We've talked about everything except doing marketing.

Speaker 1: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Speaker 2: And so as a result, we've built this community of like- minded people. It's unbelievable. And now we're taking that in person.

Speaker 1: Yep. And a thousand of us are going to come together in Boston, September 25th. And those are the people that are going to sit around and we're going to talk about starting the revolution.

Speaker 2: So just for full transparency, because I think this is what a lot of people like, this is a Thursday. I'm going to publish this episode right after this. You and I were actually just sitting in a room white boarding, we were mapping out a bunch of the sessions for Hypergrowth, and this was a not intentional. You started to talk about some of your ideas for different talks that you're going to give. So instead of traditional conference where the CEO and founder would give an hour keynote, you're going to split yours up into-

Speaker 1: Boring. Little chunks.

Speaker 2: ...Little chunks throughout the day. And the intro that we were talking about just now was the why behind Hypergrowth. And that's when DC just said to me... And it also hit me that here's the why behind Seeking Wisdom. So anyway, he started to go and I was like," Hold on, stop, stop."

Speaker 1: Let's run into the room.

Speaker 2: Ran into the podcast room to pull this up.

Speaker 1: And start to record this. So I hope you're one of the thousand that are going to join us because together we're going to start a revolution. And when we're a million strong, you're going to want to look back and say," I was part of that thousand."

Speaker 2: And that's the coolest thing. That's the part that gets me so fired up, is these are a thousand people who are not doing things the normal way. Yeah, I am going to go hang out with this crew for a day and see what it's all about. And that's why we're going to do some unconventional things. The talks aren't going to be 40 minute, hour presentations. They're going to be fast. There's going to be a DJ pumping music. There's going to be connection. Drift is all about conversations, so behind the scenes we're going to match everybody up with somebody, with a group of people.

Speaker 1: You're telling them too much.

Speaker 2: I'm telling the secrets. So let's say you're a director of sales. We're going to hand curate a list of five people that you should also meet at Hypergrowth that day. So then you're part of this community. You meet like- minded people and this whole thing just keeps growing.

Speaker 1: It's amazing. So don't be one of those people that said," I could have been there. I could have been part of the thousand. I could've gone to Woodstock, but I didn't. I was busy that day, I couldn't have gone." You want to tell your children someday," I was part of the thousand."

Speaker 2: I was at the first one.

Speaker 1: I was there. I helped start that revolution.

Speaker 2: This is something that DC likes to do to me all the time. If I tell him," I read this book," he's like," Yeah, I read that. I read that 10 years ago."

Speaker 1: Done.

Speaker 2: I'm like," Damn. I want to be that guy." I'm like," You got to listen to this. You got to check out this guy Rich Roll. He's sweet." DC's like," Man, I've been listening and reading that guy for five years now."

Speaker 1: Five years man. crosstalk.

Speaker 2: So this is your opportunity to be telling everybody else. And I've seen the list, man. This is where the people are going to be.

Speaker 1: Sick.

Speaker 2: The who's who. I'm not just pumping this up, but I wouldn't not want to be a part of this.

Speaker 1: DG does not get paid on that on Hypergrowth attendance.

Speaker 2: No, it's a side project that needs to be the biggest thing we've ever done.

Speaker 1: Yeah, side hustle.

Speaker 2: And it's going to be, and this is why I wanted to come in here, and you tell the why.

Speaker 1: Exactly. So thanks for joining us. Six star reviews only. We're breaking Apple Podcasts. Apple is complaining to us. They can't take any more six star reviews, so you're going to have to leave five stars for now. So let's get after it. Join us at Hypergrowth, promo code Seeking Wisdom. Come hang with the uncle and the young nephew over here. We'll take photos together. We'll hang out, and then you'll watch me leave early to go to bed because I have to be in bed by 8: 30. All right.

Speaker 2: Peace.

Speaker 1: Peace.


If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. ----- It only took 81 episodes, but it finally hit DC why we started Seeking Wisdom. Here's a quick bonus episode on the why behind Seeking Wisdom.