#64: Morning Routines

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DG: Silence. You know what this is?

Speaker 2: What?

DG: This is the Last Seeking Wisdom. This is the... We've done 65 episodes of Seeking Wisdom. last one in this office.

Speaker 2: What? What's happening man?

DG: We're moving on up. We are moving on up.

Dave: Moving on up.

DG: Moving on up.

Speaker 2: Moving on up.

Dave: You guys are too young listening to this, to know that reference. That's from a show that I grew up on called the Jeffersons.

DG: I even-

Dave: Google that. And like George Jefferson, I'm moving on up.

DG: Where are you going?

Dave: We're moving to the... Just like Georgette Jefferson. He moved to a penthouse in the sky, we're moving to a penthouse.

DG: That's where we're going. That's right.

Dave: Top floor, a building in Boston,

DG: Yes.

Dave: In Copley place, if you know where that is.

DG: Yes.

Dave: View of Fenway and sitgo, come visit us. We're going to have lots of people and events happening there. So come holler at us.

DG: Man, events. We got everything coming and it's going to be amazing.

Dave: Conference is coming, lets go.

DG: And keep... Conference is coming. Events are coming, keep an eye on Seeking Wisdom. You'll have a whole new backdrop when you watch us on video. If you're not doing that, I don't know what.

Dave: Got on it.

DG: crosstalk. All right.

Dave: And, and...

DG: What? What? You got someone else.

Dave: Uh- huh( affirmative).

DG: What?

Dave: Mm-hmm(affirmative).

DG: What are you going to say?

Dave: Guess what we're going to start doing?

DG: What? What are we going to start doing?

Dave: Raising our goals.

DG: Tell me.

Dave: We're going to keep doubling,

DG: Okay.

Dave: Tripling our goals.

DG: Okay.

Dave: I'm starting to scare some people in here.

DG: Good.

Dave: And drift.

DG: I mean-

Dave: They're like, they're like," It's too many customers. It's too many customers."

Speaker 2: Its too crazy.

DG: We were just thinking back to April 1st, a year ago-

Dave: That's a brag.

DG: No, no, it's not a brag. We share what we're doing and we're thinking back to a year ago. We were, our goal was to get like now 210 people to sign up for this initial version of drifts and now-

Dave: In a month.

DG: In a month, in one month. That happens now in half a day. It's amazing and just crazy.

Dave: And it's all-

DG: Its a lot of growth.

Dave: Thanks to everyone listening to this. Thank you for supporting, movement. Our conferences coming up. Get ready to sign up for that.

DG: Its really real. I... Yesterday morning, we were at a venue in downtown Boston. I'm not going to announce it yet.

Dave: Okay.

DG: It's coming. I need DC to sign the cheque.

Dave: What?

DG: Tonight. He's going to sign the cheque. He's going to sign the cheque.

Dave: I'm not going to be able to read how much it costs.

DG: We're going to announce it week. I might tell you how much it costs. we're going to announce it next week but our goal in September is to get a thousand people, into this venue in Boston to come hang with us and the rest of the drift family.

Dave: Tay What? Are you crazy? A thousand people, first conference.

DG: I, maybe. It started off at about three 50 and then went to 500. And now it's a thousand. That's good.

Dave: We had our friend, Mike Volpi here and this week and he was like-

DG: killing me.

Dave: "Athousand!" He's like," first inbound was 300." He's like, holy shit, that's why"

DG: Three X man.

Dave: We've been to three X, three X.

DG: All right. So here's what I want to talk about today. We get a lot of questions about routines and one of the most, one of the things that people ask a lot is like morning routines. And so we've briefly mentioned them, but I just want to go, walk through each morning. The apps that you use, the things that you do and we'll each kind of talk about that. So what time do you wake up?

Dave: Between five and five 30.

DG: Every day.

Dave: Every day.

DG: Regardless.

Dave: Regardless.

DG: Doesn't matter.

Dave: It doesn't matter man. Reps and sets. We do it every day.

DG: Okay. Do you have an alarm?

Dave: No.

DG: No alarm.

Dave: No.

DG: You just wake up.

Dave: I wake up. I wake up between five and five 30 and got trained on that time when my son was younger. So he get up around that time. He probably wakes up now around six 30, everyday six, 15 to six 30. So he's up. So I got to get in some time before the young lion wakes up.

DG: So that's, I have seen some videos from you, some Instagrams from you, at six 15 and I just hear you yelling in the background.

Dave: That's the young lion. So I got up at that time and I've been doing that for a long time now. And then I found that it was kind of this magical time for me because no one else is up. And depending on the time of the year, you're watching the sunrise. And then I could spend time kind of in the kind of a reflective mode reading. I would start each day by reading and I do like a short kind of 15, 20 minute yoga in the morning, send DG a couple of Snapchats in the morning, showing him the reps and sets every morning, trying to motivate the young line over here.

DG: I have to crank my alarm earlier.

Dave: Earlier. And you're like," why are you sleeping in DG? I'm up. I'm doing reps and steps right now.

DG: All right. So do wake up and look at, wake up and go right to your phone or no?

Dave: No, that's against the law-

DG: Against my law?

Dave: Against my rules.

DG: Against your rule?

Dave: Yeah.

DG: All right.

Dave: Against my laws. I used to do that but then I get distracted and get kind of, in a reactive mode.

DG: It's such a hard habit to break. Its so hard. Its sends you right in, right?

Dave: Believe me.

DG: If you go right to that email or right to slack or you, then all of a sudden it's five 15 and you're in it.

Dave: I do, we all have relapses and I do fall back into that pattern. And then I have to make a conscious decision, which is hard. And I have to make sure that I'm not doing it every day.

DG: How do you, what is the thought is that you get in the weeds and you realize," Shit". What I'm doing right now at five 30. I don't, it can wait. Is that, how do you train your?

Dave: The way that I notice it is that I stop reading in the morning. And then, so that's my clue.

DG: Okay.

Dave: Because it, and maybe, I'm running late on doing yoga now mornings. So I noticed the, so I have some Keystone habits that I've... I kind of test new habits all the time in the morning. And the two that have not, I've not broken for at least I keep track of it 600 and somewhat days, six or 700 days in a, consecutive days, is doing yoga each morning. And which is great for, to stretch and then reading. And when I noticed that I'm giving up on reading and I read for a couple of days, or I haven't read as much, I should say, because I continue to read. Then I noticed that it's probably because of the phone.

DG: So you know why he's, if I haven't read its cause I dove right in the phone and then all of a sudden, it's six 30, your son's up and it's you.

Dave: And he's up and he wants to do something. And I'm kind of in the middle of sending an email.

DG: What's one morning routine that you had. And you got rid of, something you tried to add in the mix that you ended up dumping?

Dave: So many. One of them that I do miss that I'll probably bring back and try again was meditation. So I was doing meditation in the form of box breathing. So there's this great little app that you can download on the iPhone. And it's just called box breathing, one word. And box breathing. I learned from watching a video with a ex- Navy Seal, Mark Divine. I had read his book. He's got a great book on meditation and warrior yoga and things like that. And he recommended this app. I found the app and I started to do box breathing. Great. Because it only takes eight minutes to do. And I found like it was really clearing my mind. And, but, we all get squeezed. And that was one of the things that fell out.

DG: Cause I, then you said this before, you, if you want to have a morning routine, you can't be," I'm going to work out. I'm going to read, I'm going to meditate. I'm going to stretch."

Dave: No.

DG: "I'mgoing to", you have to pick.

Dave: A couple, a Max, it depends on how early you want to wake up or if you have kids or anything like that. So how much can you control the day?

DG: Totally.

Dave: And I found, by starting for me, having that control in the day makes the day easier. Right, then I know you have your controls. Cause he does send me some Snapchat times.

DG: It changes the whole day. And this is thing I'm, this morning is a good example. I went right into work, cause I was thinking about something and I opened up my laptop and I started doing something right away. And now I'm mad because now it's Friday. And I know I'm not going to read tonight. And just that 10 or 20 minutes, it always works out. And that 10 or 20 minutes of reading always helps me come up with more ideas or get more creative or grounds me for the day. So now I'm like, this is a good example of being like," I didn't do that today."

Dave: I noticed something this morning, which is I did something this morning, which I used to do every single morning but I haven't, which was, I walked my dog. So I went for a walk and that, after that walk, I called DG with an idea, which I won't tell you guys about now but we'll be talking about later. And it was-

DG: That's when it was?

Dave: That's when it was.

DG: Crazy.

Dave: And.

DG: I was just reading something About the, you and I usually on our one- on- ones we'll go for a walk and that's crazy because there's something that said your best ideas come from that walk.

Dave: And I had the-

DG: Its the,"I had the unplug your subconscious thing we all".

Dave: Exactly. So I hadn't done it in a while and I was like," [we're up 00:08:29]". And we just had a really interesting idea which I think will, might work out for us. And, it happened during that walk and that made me realize like," why, I got rid of the walks. I need to bring them back."

DG: But you weren't thinking about that before the walk. You just went on the walk and that it hit you?

Dave: It hit me.

DG: Crazy.

Dave: I had not been thinking about it.

DG: I love that.

Dave: I don't know where it came from. It just happened. It's age old wisdom.

DG: But that's a great example of, there is no play, people want playbooks and everything. And, if you're consuming information all the time, you need to have that time to yourself where that stuff just hits you. We always talk about that. That's why I wanted to do another episode on this because I don't think it, I don't think people think about that enough.

Dave: And what is your morning routine?

DG: So I get up at six. So not at five, I haven't graduated.

Dave: Okay.

DG: I haven't, I don't have a kid yet.

Dave: Baby steps, baby steps. Yet, he said.

DG: I don't have a kid yet. I get up at six and the class that I go to at the gym, a CrossFit class starts at seven 30.

Dave: Okay. crosstalk class.

DG: I live 20 minutes from the gym. So I have from sit, and I like to get there early to stretch because-

Dave: crosstalk.

DG: These people who show up and just, especially if it's like a heavy workout, a CrossFit type workout and you don't stretch, people who show up at seven. There's so many people in my class, they show up at like seven 25.

Dave: Crazy.

DG: They stress me out crazy.

Dave: Crazy. You got to ease into it.

DG: So I get up at six and I've actually been, this is the third week in a row. I've just, I've been having a hard time unplugging. And so I've been listening to you and listen to people like Rich Roll, talk about meditating. 10 minutes a day. I said, I'm going to try it. So I'm three weeks into head space. That's the first thing.

Dave: In the morning?

DG: Yep, first thing I've been doing.

Dave: Awesome.

DG: So I wake up and we just moved into a new place and there's a second bedroom. And so there's a yoga mat on the floor and I do Headspace and it's so reasonable to me because it's 10 minutes.

Dave: Man. Wooster wouldn't recognize this guy.

DG: Well, here's-

Dave: Yoga mats.

DG: Don't.

Dave: Green smoothies.

DG: I know you. I know a couple of you are listening right now.

Dave: Books.

DG: Don't tweet this.

Dave: Books, smoothies.

Speaker 2: Its crazy, what going on?

DG: You know what I'm saying?

Speaker 2: crosstalk.

DG: I'm seeing the return.

Dave: crosstalk brother.

DG: I'm seeing the return though. I can take more people out to dinner now. So its okay. I see where it comes out. And, that the meditation has been crazy for me. I think half the time I'm sleeping, but they said it's really hard but it's 10 minutes.

Dave: It's so hard.

DG: Its so hard to get focused to get focused but I have noticed a change in just that 10 minutes sets me. Right?

Dave: Yeah.

DG: Then I try to read for 20, 30 minutes and then I go to gym.

Dave: That's awesome. I think you should try box breathing. Try it.

DG: And then I come to work. You do?

Dave: Yeah, because-

DG: Did you do Headspace?

Dave: I did Headspace and I did a couple of other guided meditations. Like-

DG: This was the best one?

Dave: Yeah, Dan Harris is 10%. 10% happiness kind of meditation. I did a whole bunch of different ones. For me, box breathing was the best because it was active. Basically. You're breathing, you're following a breathing pattern. So at the end, the breathing pattern becomes so hard over time. As you progress that it forces you into a meditative state. Right? And it's almost like when you do some kind of sport or something like that, when you're right in the middle of that, you can't help but be meditative cause-

DG: Crazy.

Dave: Cause you're in the zone you got to zone in.

DG: That's what it gets you crosstalk.

Dave: It gets you into that.

DG: So that's exactly why I wanted to start meditating cause what I realize is my personality and just the way that I am, always on never not thinking about what I'm working on. Whether it's Saturday morning, Saturday night, Tuesday at the gym golf, it doesn't matter. And so I just realized, maybe I just need 10 minutes a day to just reset. And so that's why-

Dave: That's why Mark Divine would do this with Navy seals. Just, because unlike other types of meditation mindset, mindfulness, this is one word active so you can control it. So he would do it, he would say he'd had anxiety going into battle and he would just do the pattern, right? In a scenario like that spot scenario, you're not going to be able to pull out a Headspace-

DG: Definitely not.

Dave: Through a guided meditation but you can do a breathing pattern of-

DG: Shit, I'm going to have to switch it up. I like that a lot.

Dave: Getting your mind into that. And the nice thing about Box Breathing as well. I feel I'm the advertiser of-

DG: Go.

Dave: Box breathing is, that it's a progression. So because you like CrossFit and you like sports, it's a progression that you measure. And it's like, right now I'm doing two minute circles. Then you get to three minute circles and five minutes circles. And it's about, getting, being able to hold a circle longer.

DG: And I like that idea. Cause this seems this now almost sounds something like," I'm about to go on stage and speak in front of a crowd."

Dave: Yes, exactly.

DG: You're so right. I can't, I'm not going to pull out the Headspace app and-

Dave: Then put it on.

DG: Spend 10 minutes. Right, but this is something you can do. I love that.

Dave: You can do it. You can do it on the train, you can do it anywhere.

DG: Did you ever do any of the Wim Hof stuff?

Dave: Yeah. inaudible That's what got me into it at first.

DG: Okay.

Dave: So I had heard about Box Breathing through Mark Divine. Then I have the Wim Hoff stuff. If you want to, we can offline.

DG: There's a Wim Hof, the reason I asked is the thing that I'm interested in. I'm too scared to do it. The shower challenge.

Dave: Yes, I've done that.

DG: Did you do that? Is it work?

Dave: Its perfect. Yes but then I stopped doing it.

DG: So for people listening, Wim Hoff, we'll put links in everything, but there's this whole shower thing where like you start off by every every morning when you take your shower-

Dave: Cold.

DG: You start off the last 10 seconds of your shower ice cold.

Dave: I did it for a long time. I got up progressive to the point of just doing cold showers. Just ice cold. And you're... And it was good. I liked it. It was like, electric-

DG: That's brutal.

Dave: Its like eating, drinking 10 cups of coffee.

DG: That's Brutal.

Dave: You'd come out.

DG: That's what it's supposed to be. No caffeine.

Dave: No caffeine.

DG: Electric.

Dave: It's way more than drinking any coffee. So it was electric. I don't know when I stopped it at some point but I forgot to do it. But, and then Wim Hoff has the, that, which is the cold but then he also has the breathing and his breathing is, it's not Box Breathing but it's very similar. You're going into a cycle. And in yoga, there's a form of tantric breathing that is similar where you're going into a breathing pattern. And you're, it's almost like a form of hypnosis, right? A form of meditation.

DG: It's crazy.

Dave: It's amazing. It's all breathe. A breath work.

DG: So the one art, key thing is that all this stuff happens before eight or nine AM.

Dave: Yes, before the day.

DG: And I think that's the most most essential thing.

Dave: Because if, it's about you taking control of the day.

DG: Its the only time.

Dave: It's the only time. And it's like, some people try to do things at night. And for me that never works for most people. I find it never works because you can't control the nights. Cause there's going to be an event, a party, a birthday, something will happen, a dinner. You want to go out to it. You want to stay social. Right?

DG: Or just hear it all the time. Like," Hey, you want to go out for a drink? Ah, I was supposed to go to the gym, but yeah. Or you know what? I'll come," right?

Dave: Yeah, exactly.

DG: Nobody's asking you out for drinks at six AM on a-

Dave: Nobody.

DG: -Tuesday morning at five AM.

Dave: Nobody. And you can wake up. I'd say there's a bunch of free things that you can do. I was thinking about this the other day. That there's so many free things you can do to, that change your life. One of them is waking up earlier. It doesn't cost you anything.

DG: 30 minutes.

Dave: To go to bed-

DG: Nope.

Dave: An hour early and wake up an hour, an hour early to bed earlier to rise. And then that gives you this whole time. That puts you in control.

DG: So that's one, wake up earlier. Two.

Dave: Two, go for a walk. It doesn't cost any, you don't have to join anything. You can go, you have shoes. If you don't have shoes walking your bare feet but everyone can go for a walk. Even in the ice cold, new England weather that we have. You can still go for a walk, rain or shine. And that gives you that also puts you kind of in a meditative kind of peaceful state.

DG: That's not a downtown Boston walk where your phone is in front of your face.

Dave: No phones.

DG: And this is a, go for a walk.

Dave: Go for a walk unplugged. Just go for a walk. Three, get a library card. Right? You can't afford to go-

DG: Throw it back!

Dave: Throw it back.

DG: Lets go.

Dave: You can't afford to buy a book. You don't want to spend the money. Library cards are free man. Go get a library card. You can get audio books. You can get regular books.

DG: That's right.

Dave: You can spend time at the library. Everyone has access to a library.

DG: What the Hommie Jim Rohn say, he said," all leaders are readers."

Dave: "Arereaders". Amen.

DG: Crazy. Wish I knew that earlier but I don't think I was ready. So it's okay.

Dave: And it's, Buffett talks about very similar things. Even Elon Musk talks about that. You get paid in proportion to the difficulty of the things that you do, right?

DG: Its crazy.

Dave: So you need to keep learning.

DG: All right, so get up earlier, go for a walk, get a library card. That's it.

Dave: That's it.

DG: Three easy things. Change up your morning routine.

Dave: crosstalk or eat less.

DG: You eat less?

Dave: Yeah. Eat less.

DG: That's why I say-

Dave: That doesn't cost anything.

DG: Okay, I'm trying to eat more.

Dave: And you save money. That'll cost you money. You eating more will cost you money.

DG: That definitely, eating more will cost you money, eat less.

Dave: Eating less-

DG: Eating less.

Dave: Will not cost you money.

DG: Man, that's another Jim Rohn thing he said-

Dave: Do intermittent fasting. Right? Do the-

DG: Tell them. So that's another morning, part of your morning routine.

Dave: I haven't done it recently so that I was doing that for years where I wouldn't eat breakfast. So basically you want to extend your fasting window. So we all fast while we sleep.

DG: Yep.

Dave: And so I would not eat until 12 or one PM in the day, usually around like 12 or one, I'd be starving but I go eat. So basically you'd skip breakfast. And so that's something that everyone can do for free. And once you get used to it takes a little time to get used to it, a couple of days to get used to it. You find so much more clarity, right? Because you're not getting down by all the sugar that you've had or the, anything that you've eaten. And so, it actually puts you in a good state. And by the way, you could probably lose some weight by removing a meal.

DG: That's a great.

Dave: And uncle DC needs lose some weight.

DG: And then, Jim. Go back, listen to the Jim Rohn episode. Cause he also, he wasn't here with us but we talked about him.

Dave: I wish he was here.

DG: And he said," you can always afford to miss a meal. You can never afford to miss like that 30 minutes of learning in the morning"

Dave: With that we're out.

DG: All right. Tell them what to do.

Dave: You know what to do. Five, man this week five star reviews have been pumping.

DG: They were insane. They were insane. All crosstalk Man.

Dave: They were rolling on. Man, thank you. Thank you community.

DG: Crazy.

Dave: You guys have been stepping up.

DG: This is crazy.

Dave: Five star reviews have been flowing.

DG: Crazy. I'm trying to find one. I'm trying to find one really quick.

Dave: My goodness. They've been flowing.

DG: I'm trying to find one.

Dave: So you know what to do, five stars only. Someone just said that in the, in one of the recent things they said-

DG: That's what I'm trying to find.

Dave: Remind everyone, tell everyone how easy it is to leave a five star review because they were surprised how easy it was.

DG: So easy.

Dave: So you go to iTunes. To easy. Leave a five star review. Holler at the uncle and the nephew here and leave us some words of encouragement.

DG: Here's what it is, Here's what it is. I finally figured out how to do a review. Guys tell people how quickly you do it. Generally four stars is my max,] but for Dave and DC, I will make an exception, great content view of the world. Keep rocking guys. Can't wait for the conference. Signed four star reviewer

Dave: May have four star reviewer.

DG: Came up!

Dave: You were down. You're down with us. So come on. If you want to be down with us, five star reviews-

DG: Only.

Dave: Only stop waiting. I keep running into people who listen and they say," oh yeah, yeah, yeah I'm going to leave a five star review." If that's you go leave it.

DG: Go leave it. We're out.

Dave: And we're out.


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