#125: DC Is Back From Sabbatical. Here’s What He Learned.

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This is a podcast episode titled, #125: DC Is Back From Sabbatical. Here’s What He Learned.. The summary for this episode is: DC is back from sabbatical, people. This is a very important day. If you listened to the episode with ET, you know that Drift’s two co-founders put sabbaticals in place for every three years instead of the typical five. Not just one time, but every three years. Which seemed like a great idea three years ago, but then DC had to be the first one to do it or else no one would… He was gone for a month, in Vermont, then L.A. And boy, does he have some stories... The three books DC recommended, all by Daniel Coyle, were The Culture Code The Talent Code The Little Book of Talent And here’s Jeff Bezos’s rubric for hiring. Use the promo code SEEKINGWISDOM when you get your tickets to HYPERGROWTH 2018 and save $500 today (just $199 for your ticket). Visit https://hypergrowth.drift.com/ to get your tickets today and come see speakers like Jocko Willink, Molly Graham, Chaka Pilgrim, Amelia Boone, Grant Cardone, and more in September.    PS. The Seeking Wisdom Official Facebook Group is live! One place, finally, for all of us to hang out, get updates on the podcast, and share what we’re learning (plus some exclusives). Just search for the Seeking Wisdom Official group on Facebook. On Twitter: @davegerhardt, @dcancel, and @seekingwisdomio

Speaker 1: All right, we're back. We're back. I have nothing to say. We're back.

Speaker 2: We're back.

Speaker 1: It's been a great month.

Speaker 2: I vanished Elias out of this office to no longer be on this podcast.

Speaker 1: I did want you to feel better that I just looked at the download numbers before this.

Speaker 2: Talk to me.

Speaker 1: The podcast with Elias was not the most downloaded podcast in July.

Speaker 2: Good.

Speaker 1: It was awfully close, too close for comfort.

Speaker 2: Don't say that to me.

Speaker 1: It was too close for comfort.

Speaker 2: No, no. Shout out to Elias for holding it down, podcast game while I was gone, much respect. It will be a long time before... What are you doing?

Speaker 1: I'm spitting out my gum.

Speaker 2: G2, talk to this guy.

Speaker 1: You got to be real. We talk about being real.

Speaker 2: Get him a checklist.

Speaker 1: Be real authentic.

Speaker 2: All right, I'm back. I missed this. I'm excited. What are we talking about today?

Speaker 1: We're talking about your sabbatical. Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm. Okay.

Speaker 2: Is there sabbatical music?

Speaker 1: Yeah, sabbatical music. So, what the heck? You took a month. You were out for a month, a Drift sabbatical.

Speaker 2: I took a month off.

Speaker 1: Most companies... Wait, wait. Drift is like three years old, and you took a sabbatical already. What did you change? The sabbatical policy is different here.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so we came up with this crazy idea almost three years ago, when no one was here, which was instead of having five year sabbaticals, for us to have this idea of having a sabbatical every three years. Not just one time, your first three year period, but every three years, which seemed like a great idea three years ago. Then it came up, and I had to be the first one to do it or else no one else would do it.

Speaker 1: It's very true.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so I'm glad we did it. I'm back. I've been gone for a month. I've been in Vermont. I've been in LA. I've been all over the place.

Speaker 1: All I got to say is you guys send DC so much crap. I sit across from him and his desk the last... It got cleaned last night, but if you were here at five o'clock yesterday, there was so much shit on your desk. I don't know what people send. We need somebody to screen-

Speaker 2: Fan mail.

Speaker 1: We need people to screen your mail.

Speaker 2: Shout it out to the crew here. Thank you. I had books, multiple books, lots of books, posters, letters, confidential, top secret letters.

Speaker 1: You should've seen this place last night. It was like a scramble. It was like, DC's coming back. DC's coming back tomorrow. People are dusting shelves and puffing pillows and moving desks around. It was amazing. What did you... Did you have a goal for your sabbatical? Did you have something intentional that you wanted to do? I know you're very intentional. Knowing you, I'm assuming you hadn't planned to just like, I'm going to go away for a month.

Speaker 2: Yeah. When we came up with the idea of the three- year sabbatical, we should rally the idea around learning. Right? No surprise. That's what we're obsessed around and just learning something new, nothing to do with what we do here, but just go off and learn something new. My goal was to focus on three areas. One of them was cycling.

Speaker 1: Cycling.

Speaker 2: Become a better cyclist.

Speaker 1: Mm-hmm(affirmative). I like that-

Speaker 2: Two was-

Speaker 1: ...rule of threes.

Speaker 2: ...to learn to become a horse hand. In this case, for my daughter, CJ-

Speaker 1: Shout out young CJ.

Speaker 2: ...who's an equestrian, and learn to be her assistant.

Speaker 1: Okay. I saw that.

Speaker 2: I did that. Then, the third was to practice daily meditation.

Speaker 1: Okay. Did you practice daily meditation?

Speaker 2: I did.

Speaker 1: 30 days?

Speaker 2: 30 days.

Speaker 1: Consecutive?

Speaker 2: Consecutive.

Speaker 1: Say more about that. Would you use a... was it an app? Did you use an app?

Speaker 2: No apps.

Speaker 1: No app?

Speaker 2: App free.

Speaker 1: Whoa. I mean, you've meditated before, you've read a lot, listened to a lot of meditation.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I've meditated before. I've gone and off. I've tried active meditation through box breathing. I've tried a whole bunch of different things, and my thing here was... Shout out to Brad Stolberg, our friend Brad Stolberg. If you don't know, I forgot what episode Brad was on. He was on two episodes-

Speaker 1: Two episodes.

Speaker 2: ...one with Fritz Roll and one by himself. He's my performance coach. He's written a book called Peak Performance, which you should go and buy if you have not read it before. Anyway, Brad, I have a monthly call with Brad and Brad suggested to read two books on meditation and to practice instead of doing an active meditation, which means, you know, like box breathing is an active one where basically you're using something to distract yourself into a meditative state. Yoga can be that, and other forms can be that. For me to actually focus on kind of a mindful meditation, focus on the breath and focus on really being able to deal with those distractions that come up. He gave me a challenge to do that for 30 days, which I did. I did 20 minutes a day, and I did it every day. I think, my takeaway was that, both for my overall sabbatical as well as the meditation, was that I was able to have this out of body experience.

Speaker 1: You did? You really believe that?

Speaker 2: Yeah, not in a movie like way.

Speaker 1: A drug induced sense of-

Speaker 2: Maybe, maybe not.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: No, not in this kind of mystical way, but basically being able for, even for split seconds. My friend Heaton Shaw is also into meditation. He would check on me every few days to ask me how I was progressing. Anyway, I was able to basically observe myself and I was able... That's on meditation. Then, from a Drift standpoint, I was able to step away, observe Drift, and see the areas where we need help and where we need to double down and just things that I was not able to see in the day to day.

Speaker 1: I love that. I love that meditation thing and that you came with some actionable stuff.

Speaker 2: I did. I have lots.

Speaker 1: I was going to ask you what you learned, so that obviously answered. Did you do the same time every day or did it-

Speaker 2: Brad, again Brad Stolberg, suggested that I find... and I always recommend finding for your practices the same time so that you can build a routine. That is the one area where I failed on my meditation, which was... Well, it's not a failure. I didn't find that consistent time of day mostly because... Well, no excuses. Well, I didn't find it, so it was a different time a day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes in the afternoon, and I think one thing I need to work on going forward is to have that consistency.

Speaker 1: I love consistency is such a good lesson, not just in routines, but even in marketing we talk about consistency of publishing. Right?

Speaker 2: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Speaker 1: I haven't done a good job with this podcast, for example.

Speaker 2: Say that. What's that?

Speaker 1: I said, I haven't done a good job with this podcast, for example, because the co- host-

Speaker 2: Never noticed.

Speaker 1: ...took a month off, but it should come out the same day. Right?

Speaker 2: It should be planned.

Speaker 1: It should be planned. See, you always flip that. I should have five weeks of backlog.

Speaker 2: Mm- hmm(affirmative).

Speaker 1: Yeah, consistency is-

Speaker 2: Weeks of video backlog.

Speaker 1: Weeks of video.

Speaker 2: I'm looking at you G- T.

Speaker 1: This is like a interactive podcast.

Speaker 2: What do you think is going on? GT looks a little tired today.

Speaker 1: No, he is. He was here late last night.

Speaker 2: Okay, savagery.

Speaker 1: He was here late, cranking on some stuff. He went out and he came back and he was... He smelled like a food place and he had a big bag of food, and he was buckling in for a long night of a videos.

Speaker 2: GT, you need some red bulls? He's good. He doesn't need Red Bull.

Speaker 1: When you thought about Drift, for example, did you write stuff down or was it repeated themes over many meditations that you didn't need to write down because you had a clear vision of what we got to work on?

Speaker 2: You know, I had this idea at the beginning of the month that I was going to write things down, and I was going to do certain things. I wrote nothing down.

Speaker 1: That's good though.

Speaker 2: I wrote nothing down. I also, funny enough, before I started the month off sabbatical, I thought to myself, hey, I need to write a clever out of office email. Right? Then, cut to the end of the third week, and I was like, oh, I forgot to write the out of office email. By that point, I obviously didn't write it.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you don't need it.

Speaker 2: I never wrote a clever out of office email.

Speaker 1: You don't need to read that.

Speaker 2: The emails just piled up. I didn't get to that. I didn't write down the things that I kind of meditated on or I thought about it. One thing that was interesting that, when I was talking to Heaton about it was that... He was asking me, did I see any differences, did I notice anything. I talked to Brad as well, and I said, not really during, but I noticed having some interesting thoughts outside when I wasn't meditating, and they both said that was good. I'm no expert on meditation.

Speaker 1: I think that I always have this thought. I don't meditate, but I have this thought if I'm in the shower at the gym and I'm like, I got to write that down. Then, three hours later you don't forget it because the right stuff... and you've always told this to me-

Speaker 2: Will come back.

Speaker 1: The right stuff comes back to you, and it keeps coming back to you, especially if there's a bigger theme.

Speaker 2: Yep.

Speaker 1: Oka, so that was your sabbatical.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I went to LA in my last week.

Speaker 1: I was going to ask you. I was going to have an agenda.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: I wanted to know where you went.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: So you start off in Vermont?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: I went up to Vermont, spent some time alone, briefly.

Speaker 1: By the way, we should do... I wrote this down because you sent a video. We should do a podcast on the sales lessons you learned from the hot tub salesman.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah.

Speaker 1: We should do a separate podcast on that.

Speaker 2: Genius. Genius. That happened during my sabbatical and I told DJ about it, but this hot tub salesman was next level and I bought a hot tub every one. It's still not there though. Anyway, I took the first almost week, I was by myself. I went back home. I brought my daughter up, and she had two weeks of equestrian competition in Vermont.

Speaker 1: Nice.

Speaker 2: Not where we live, but like an hour and a half each way.

Speaker 1: Every day?

Speaker 2: Every day.

Speaker 1: You would chauffeur-

Speaker 2: Chauffeur.

Speaker 1: ...three hours a day?

Speaker 2: Three hours a day in the car driving-

Speaker 1: That's awesome.

Speaker 2: ...and then standing in a barn in the heat.

Speaker 1: That's awesome.

Speaker 2: DG, there's no air conditioning in these barns-

Speaker 1: Oh, I believe that.

Speaker 2: ...or fans.

Speaker 1: I can smell it.

Speaker 2: Yeah, and in the heat, dust everywhere. I did something. I had a little breakthrough there for me, which was I just... I didn't complain. I didn't ask about anything. I didn't ask what was next. I wasn't focused on progression, and I just sat there.

Speaker 1: Let it happen.

Speaker 2: Let it happen...

Speaker 1: That's an amazing feeling.

Speaker 2: ...and observed and obviously, did help with my daughter wherever she needed help, but I wasn't anxious about what was the next thing. I just was in the moment.

Speaker 1: That's amazing because everything is always next.

Speaker 2: Yes. I'm always next. Next, next, next.

Speaker 1: You probably had no phone service.

Speaker 2: There was no phone service where I was.

Speaker 1: There's a forcing function.

Speaker 2: Yeah. There's barely any phone service at my house there, and there's definitely no phone service where we were.

Speaker 1: So Vermont, hang out by herself, buy a hot tub-

Speaker 2: Lots of reading.

Speaker 1: ...horses with CJ, lots of reading. Yeah, books. I was going to ask you about books. What books? You got a book list?

Speaker 2: I read a ton of books.

Speaker 1: We'll put these in the show notes. Here you go. DC's books from sabbaticals.

Speaker 2: I read a ton of books, two on meditation, which I'll pass on. Then I read this book that... I forgot who recommended this book to me. It's called the Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. I loved that book so much that I went back and read his first book, which is called The Talent Code. Read that. Loved that so much that I then went and read the small addendum to that book, which is called The Little Book of Talent. I read all three of those books by the same author, highly recommend all of them. I would probably read them in that order, Culture Code, Talent Code, Little Book of Talent. Then, I'm in the middle... I didn't finish probably three other books that I'm kind of juggling.

Speaker 1: Interesting thread-

Speaker 2: I did finish five.

Speaker 1: ...because I know what you were thinking. I know what you're thinking a lot about on sabbatical, which is the Drift team and people. Did those books fuel that, or was it connection? Was that what you were thinking about and that's why you picked up the book and read it?

Speaker 2: No. I really picked up the book because someone recommended it to me.

Speaker 1: It happened to be connected.

Speaker 2: It was our friend, Richard Banfield. Right?

Speaker 1: Shout out.

Speaker 2: Shout out to Richard.

Speaker 1: Yeah, great cyclist himself. Is that what you say? Is it cyclist?

Speaker 2: He is a great cyclist. I am not a cyclist. Okay? Richard is a great cyclist, and he runs a company called Fresh Tilled Soil. He coauthored a book called Product Leadership. He's a great guy. Anyway, he recommended... He said, I know you're going to love this book, Culture Code, so I bought it instantaneously as I do. Read that book and love the other ones, but it was really just fueled off of that. It just so happened that those books overlap with this idea of focusing on people because going into this battle, I had thought, something that we often repeat internally, that all problems and opportunities are really people based problems.

Speaker 1: Hundred percent.

Speaker 2: Right, so I was thinking about that already going in, and those books happen to kind of fuel that.

Speaker 1: Along those lines, you've found something which is interesting. We should share this also, which is like something from... It was from Jeff Bezos' 1996 letter to shareholders, and it was his really simple rubric for hiring.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Basically, he uses three criteria for hiring, and I passed that around to a couple of people here and to really look and reflect on the people that we're hiring, the people that we've hired and do they match these three qualities that Jeff talks about. We'll link that up in the show notes as well if you haven't seen that.

Speaker 1: Yeah. All connected.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Then, I finally ended the sabbatical, and I went to LA.

Speaker 1: You went to LA.

Speaker 2: The anti- Vermont.

Speaker 1: I was catching up with DC, and he says to me... He says, so I'm sitting at this hotel. I'm sitting in the lobby, and I'm having breakfast one morning. I think one of the Karda... I know one of the Kardashians was sitting next to me having breakfast.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I don't know which one though. I don't know anything about it.

Speaker 1: He doesn't even know which one. Everybody else in the company in the world would know, oh, that was Kim, that was Khloe, that was Kourtney.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I saw three celebrities.

Speaker 1: Not you, G?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: No. Okay.

Speaker 2: I grew up in New York, so we're celebrity immune, but I saw three celebrities.

Speaker 1: Okay, so you saw a Kardashian we do not know.

Speaker 2: That was the last day.

Speaker 1: If you know who was there, message us.

Speaker 2: I think it was Khloe Kardashian, but I'm not sure.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: One of them.

Speaker 1: Yes. First day.

Speaker 2: No, that was the last day.

Speaker 1: That was the last day.

Speaker 2: The first day I got on a Bird scooter. Shout out Bird Scooter. By the way, I got a ticket-

Speaker 1: We tried.

Speaker 2: ...in Santa Monica.

Speaker 1: He got a ticket.

Speaker 2: I got a ticket in Santa Monica on a scooter for no helmet. How sad is that? I got that ticket while a hundred other people were riding by with no helmet. I got singled out, profiled, anti- DC.

Speaker 1: Yes, definitely.

Speaker 2: Old dude on a scooter, they stopped that guy.

Speaker 1: Right. They don't even know. How much is the ticket?

Speaker 2: It doesn't say on it, and it says I have to appear in Santa Monica in November, so if anyone knows a way out of this, please hit me up. Message me. I need to get out of this ticket. I'm on this scooter and I'm riding this Bird Scooter... and free advertising for our friends at Bird... and I'm riding and this guy comes around the corner on a fat bike. You know, one of those fat bicycles? It's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Speaker 1: That's unbelievable.

Speaker 2: He comes around the corner, and there's someone else with them. I look at the other guy. He looked like a special forces, Spetna military killer dude.

Speaker 1: I can picture it. I don't even know what he was wearing, but I can picture it.

Speaker 2: Oh my goodness.

Speaker 1: That's amazing.

Speaker 2: You could tell, crew cut, the whole thing. He comes around, the two of them riding. By the time I recognized that it's Arnold, I'm like, oh, I should have got-

Speaker 1: Which is better because you wouldn't... You can't do... What are you going to stop him?

Speaker 2: How many times have we talked about the amazing book, which is Total Recall?

Speaker 1: Too many.

Speaker 2: If you haven't read that book, go get it. Get the audio book. The audio book is great. Anyways, so I see him-

Speaker 1: There's your clip for social media, by the way.

Speaker 2: Then, I'm out in Malibu. I'm bike riding out in Malibu. Shout out Rich Roll. I was hunting for you, Rich. I couldn't find you.

Speaker 1: Rich, we'll see you in five weeks, Rich.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so I was riding out there at HYPERGROWTH West.

Speaker 1: Yeah, September 24th.

Speaker 2: I'm riding out in Malibu, getting my acai bowl on, getting my vegan lifestyle going.

Speaker 1: Just so lovely.

Speaker 2: You know who walks by while I'm eating my bowl?

Speaker 1: I know because you told me, but-

Speaker 2: Oh yeah.

Speaker 1: Who?

Speaker 2: Mike D.

Speaker 1: Mike D.

Speaker 2: If you don't know Mike D, he's one of the three Beastie Boys. He walks by, all hippied out, no shoes on in a parking lot, just rolls by.

Speaker 1: Man. Wow, that's a life. These people got famous, now you go live the hippie life-

Speaker 2: Yeah. He's living.

Speaker 1: ...in Malibu.

Speaker 2: Then, I noticed that where I'm sitting, which is just this store, that there's all these signs, anti paparazzi, no photos, dah, dah, dah, all this kind of stuff.

Speaker 1: Clearly those are spots where people are hanging out.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I didn't realize that at the time.

Speaker 1: You must have felt famous.

Speaker 2: I see him, and then on the last day I see some unknown Kardashian.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Mike D, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a Kardashian. That's pretty good.

Speaker 2: What does that say? Anyway, by that time I was done with LA, and I was ready to come back.

Speaker 1: I love it. I don't know how much more I can interview you about this sabbatical. That's like... so you learned-

Speaker 2: Do you think GT missed me?

Speaker 1: Yes. Yes, he did.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Look at him. He could barely raise his thumb.

Speaker 1: We talked about the next book that we're going to write, which is called Anticipating Feedback.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I like that. You go for it.

Speaker 1: We're going to coauthor that book together.

Speaker 2: Wait, are you guys clowning on me?

Speaker 1: No, no, no, no. It's going to be a good book. It's going to be good.

Speaker 2: What it's like to get ready for feedback?

Speaker 1: Yeah. The book is called Anticipating Feedback.

Speaker 2: Well, you don't have to anticipate anymore. It's back. Feedback is back in the house.

Speaker 1: Feedback is back, baby. We're back, seeking wisdom. I promise you. I promise you we'll be stronger than ever because we haven't followed our own advice, which is double, triple down on it and it really is our best channel and the best thing we got, so we're going to-

Speaker 2: We have some new channels coming. We have some amazing new shows by Maggie for Build on the Exceptions podcast. Jay's done a good job there. We have a bunch of stuff coming up and we're going to get... We're going to level up our studio and filming. We're going to have some screens here. I thought there'd be screens back here. We'll talk to G2.

Speaker 1: Like you were supposed to go spend thousands. Yeah, we'll figure it out. We need a sponsor. This should be sponsored by Bird.

Speaker 2: Bird, please sponsor this podcast. Arnold Schwarzenegger, hit me up. Next time we'll hang. Rich Roll, I'll see you September 24th at HYPERGROWTH.

Speaker 1: Come hang out with us, man. We're back. Five weeks to go. Five weeks until HYPERGROWTH, September 4th. Tuesday, September 4th, the day after labor day-

Speaker 2: In Boston.

Speaker 1: ...in Boston. A lot of people keep asking me, DG, how do I take the day off work? Right? What am I going to do?

Speaker 2: Let me, I'll tell them how they do.

Speaker 1: Go ahead. Okay.

Speaker 2: Take the day off work. Like that.

Speaker 1: That's it.

Speaker 2: That's how you do it.

Speaker 1: That's it, but if you need an excuse-

Speaker 2: That's like, Jocko, how do you get up at 4: 30?

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I get up.

Speaker 1: You know what somebody asked Jocko. They said, Jocko, how do I get better at pull- ups? You know what he said? Do more pull- ups.

Speaker 2: That's it.

Speaker 1: Take the day off. It's a one day... I think of it like a one day investment in yourself. It's a workshop. Right? You have somebody like Grant Cardone, charges five figures for a training session. He's speaking. Right? Jocko, five figures for his session, speaking. The lineup is insane. Casey Neistat is going to be there.

Speaker 2: Our homey, Molly Graham.

Speaker 1: Molly Graham is going to be there. Shaka Pilgrim, who was the president of Rock Nation, Amy Morin. I was looking at the lineup today. We were going minute by minute, and I was like... I got chills because I was like, this is insane. The lineup is insane.

Speaker 2: Not only will you be learning, but we're going to have fun. Don't forget that.

Speaker 1: We're going to have fun. Yeah, that's it.

Speaker 2: It's fun. It's a party. It's going to be awesome. It's outdoor, the Boston one, and then September 25th we're in San Francisco.

Speaker 1: Also, just something we're starting to work on right now, that day 2: 00 PM, we're dropping a new product at Drift. Okay. We got to work on that.

Speaker 2: All right. One thing we all need to work on is leaving six star ratings.

Speaker 1: It's been low.

Speaker 2: It's been low. It's been low, so I haven't been on the podcast pimping the six stars. We need the six star ratings. Leave a little comment in there. Show some love to Andrew, G2, a little bit to DG.

Speaker 1: No, no. I'm good. I'm good.

Speaker 2: Shout out, and if you have a creative six star rating, maybe I will select you to fly you out to HYPERGROWTH and sit in the VIP booth, so you can hang out with the speakers.

Speaker 1: Whoa.

Speaker 2: VIP room.

Speaker 1: I'm going to go home and write some reviews.

Speaker 2: Remember, DG does not have VIP access.

Speaker 1: I do not. I do not. All right, we're out of here.

Speaker 2: Let's go, six star rating.

Speaker 1: See ya.

Speaker 2: See ya.


DC is back from sabbatical, people. This is a very important day. If you listened to the episode with ET, you know that Drift’s two co-founders put sabbaticals in place for every three years instead of the typical five. Not just one time, but every three years. Which seemed like a great idea three years ago, but then DC had to be the first one to do it or else no one would… He was gone for a month, in Vermont, then L.A. And boy, does he have some stories... The three books DC recommended, all by Daniel Coyle, were The Culture Code The Talent Code The Little Book of Talent And here’s Jeff Bezos’s rubric for hiring. Use the promo code SEEKINGWISDOM when you get your tickets to HYPERGROWTH 2018 and save $500 today (just $199 for your ticket). Visit https://hypergrowth.drift.com/ to get your tickets today and come see speakers like Jocko Willink, Molly Graham, Chaka Pilgrim, Amelia Boone, Grant Cardone, and more in September.    PS. The Seeking Wisdom Official Facebook Group is live! One place, finally, for all of us to hang out, get updates on the podcast, and share what we’re learning (plus some exclusives). Just search for the Seeking Wisdom Official group on Facebook. On Twitter: @davegerhardt, @dcancel, and @seekingwisdomio