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Episode 42  |  06:27 min

41: A Quick One On Gratitude

Episode 42  |  06:27 min  |  10.27.2016

41: A Quick One On Gratitude

This is a podcast episode titled, 41: A Quick One On Gratitude. The summary for this episode is: If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. --- A quick a lesson from David on gratitude and his daily practice. Connect With Us Follow David (twitter.com/dcancel) and Dave (twitter.com/davegerhardt) on Twitter. Come hang out with us at seekingwisdom.io and on Twitter @seekingwisdomio. Learn more about Drift at Drift.com.
If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. --- A quick a lesson from David on gratitude and his daily practice. Connect With Us Follow David (twitter.com/dcancel) and Dave (twitter.com/davegerhardt) on Twitter. Come hang out with us at seekingwisdom.io and on Twitter @seekingwisdomio. Learn more about Drift at Drift.com.

Dave: On this episode of Seeking Wisdom, we're going to talk about gratitude.

David: I love it. What are you grateful for, Dave?

Dave: Man, I'm grateful for everything. Life is good.

David: This is a good tee up, as we go into it. Here in the states, it's going to be Halloween pretty soon, And then we go into Thanksgiving.

Dave: Yeah.

David: We're giving you an early Thanksgiving.

Dave: This is a good time. Yeah. Yeah.

David: So actually you had sent a message to Dave with no context, which is my specialty, if you know me. And all it said, it was like," Let's do an episode on gratitude" and then practicing it every day. That's all he had to go from. And from that little ember, Dave has to create a large flame.

Dave: This is Seeking Wisdom at its finest. We just give the people what we think they want.

David: Yeah.

Dave: All right. So tell us about gratitude.

David: Yeah. So gratitude is something many of us don't think about often. I started this practice over 400 and some odd days. I know because I track it every day.

Dave: Yeah. What's the app?

David: The app I use is called Momentum.

Dave: Cool.

David: Momentum. And so it's an iPhone app and a Mac app that you can use, but you can use anything. And it basically is just a calendar that you can track your streaks on doing certain habits. Like I track yoga, I track writing in this five minute journal every day and I track a couple of other things that I want to make sure I do get to. And so, because I want to turn them into habits, and if I don't turn them into habits, then they're just dreams.

Dave: Now speaking of habits, now that you've done this 400 plus days in a row, do you feel like you can't break it? Has that thought come into your mind? Or is it just a routine?

David: To break it? No. I think it's a routine, but like everything else, we can get busy and forget about it. And so we still need that proactive reminder, and that's why I keep it in the app.

Dave: Cool.

David: So I do this five minute journal every morning and it's not five minutes. It's like 30 seconds.

Dave: Yeah. I just saw it. It's like six bullets.

David: Six bullets, right? And it's usually the same six bullets every day, but it's just repetition. So you're reminding yourself. And the first thing, the first section, is called," I am grateful for..." And in that, you can write anything. So I write three bullets every day that I want to make sure that I remember to be grateful for. And I do this in the morning. So I wake up in the morning and I do yoga first thing in the morning. And then after yoga, when I come down, get the coffee started, I write this down in the daily journal. And so I write things like, for example, I write" I'm grateful for my health. I'm grateful for my family," and there are other things that I'm grateful for that I write down each day, and I just remember those things.

Dave: What does that do for you though? Like, you know those things.

David: I know those things.

Dave: Obviously you're grateful for your family.

David: Yeah, yeah.

Dave: What is the habit in writing it down, do for you?

David: It forces, for a split second, a reflection.

Dave: Yeah.

David: So it forces me to reflect for a split second as I'm writing it, even though I may be writing the same thing every day. It makes me just stop and think for a second. And sometimes, since I write these in an app on my phone, sometimes I'll include pictures that I took that day of my family. And it just looks cool, looks better. And it just gives me something to reflect on.

Dave: So that's your habit every day, gratitude.

David: Every day, just start the day with gratitude. I write other things in this five minute journal, like a category about what will I do? What can I do today to make today great? And then a small kind of daily affirmation. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah. Or like" Tell Dave about website," or...

David: Yeah, yeah. That's not on the list. That's not on the list. I do that later, after this process.

Dave: Just kidding, just kidding.

David: But I think it's an important thing that we don't talk about much. And it's like, how do we make sure that we're grateful for things? How do we make sure to remind ourselves that... If you're listening to this podcast, then you're living a champagne problem existence like all of us, right here. And give ourselves context for the things that crop up every day are big for us, because it's all about your context, right? Everyone feels a different threshold because it's given their experiences. They haven't had the experience as someone who doesn't live champagne problems every day, like we do. So it is a big deal for you, but make time every day to reflect, whether it's through yoga, whether it's through writing things down, meditation, whatever you do, or just going for a walk or playing golf like Dave does.

Dave: Yeah. So for you, it could even be one minute, but just the fact that you're taking the time out of your day to acknowledge this.

David: Absolutely.

Dave: And then start your day. Kind of kicks everything off in the right gear.

David: Yeah, I think if you stop and think about it for a second, it's obvious, it's in the back of your back in your mind. But if you were to examine today, this morning, yesterday, day before... Did you actually stop for even 30 seconds? 10 seconds in that day and think about something that you were grateful for? And I'd say the answer for most of us, including myself, would be no. Like you didn't even spend seconds in a day thinking about what you were grateful for.

Dave: Yeah. Awesome. All right. Gratitude.

David: All right. Gratitude, go practice it.

Dave: Practice it. What's the app again? Momentum?

David: Momentum, and then I use the Day One app to track all my daily stuff.

Dave: But you know we like ghetto tools, too.

David: Yeah, write it on a piece of paper.

Dave: Write it down. Yeah.

David: And so do that. Five star ratings. For that, I will be grateful to you forever. See, I'm practicing gratitude.

Dave: Oh, and keep an eye out for the book. It's coming.

David: What book? It's coming? Hypergrowth?

Dave: You'll hear more from us.

David: Damn. Thank you to everyone who tweeted that and blew up my Twitter.

Dave: Yeah, that was crazy. That was cool.

David: You blew up the Twitters today.

Dave: All we said was" We're launching this book." We gave away the first introduction, and some context that you wrote, and everybody was really pumped. So if you don't know what we're talking about, go to drift. com/ hypergrowth landing page video. Some more context, basically, David wrote a book about this whole customer driven model and why it's revolutionizing the way that we do business, and we're going to give it away for free.

David: So if you're okay with normal growth or good growth, don't read the book. If you're interested in hypergrowth for both your career and for your business, pick up a copy of the book free.

Dave: I might have to read that.

David: Yeah. I think Dave wants Hypergrowth.

Dave: I want Hypergrowth. All right. I'll talk to you later.

David: See ya.

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