#92: You Don't Need More Ideas (You Need More Execution)

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This is a podcast episode titled, #92: You Don't Need More Ideas (You Need More Execution). The summary for this episode is: If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. ----- Ideas. Everyone has them. But do you really need more ideas? Or better execution? That's the topic of a classic DC rant today. And also a huge thank you to everyone for the support at HYPERGROWTH, some news about our Series B, and more. Two Ways To Support The Show 1. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. 2. Leave us a five-star review. Here’s how to leave a review: bit.ly/5-Stars-Only Connect With Us Follow David (twitter.com/dcancel) and Dave (twitter.com/davegerhardt) on Twitter. Come hang out with us on Twitter @seekingwisdomio. Learn more about Drift at Drift.com.

DG: All right.

DC: We're back.

DG: We're back. Oh my goodness.

DC: How long has it been?

DG: crosstalk has it just been you and me in a while?

DC: A long time, man.

DG: So all a couple of things. For almost the first year of the podcast we didn't have guests.

DC: Nope.

DG: Because...

DC: We went anti- guests.

DG: We went anti- guests, but then we unlocked something and accidentally we stumbled into a couple of guests. And now we have this formula where we want to put guests on Seeking Wisdom, but we want them to be our role models, our peers, our mentors. And so we're going to bring those people on, I think maybe once or twice a month, depending on what's going on. DC's looking to see if I'm recording.

DC: Damn, you caught me, you caught me.

DG: I'm recording right now. That was so casual too. That was so casual. Although we were in San Francisco last week, and he was trying to record a video and he went on a three minute rant, walking down the street on video and he didn't hit record. And it was a nice moment for me.

DC: Why did you have to tell them that? I thought we were a team here.

DG: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. So we're going to have guests, but we want them to be role models, because the crazy thing was... So HYPERGROWTH was Monday. Unbelievable, and we'll talk about that in a second. What we realized is this community is bigger than just a podcast. It's a movement and it's people want to hear different... And so anyway, long story short, we're not going to get the traditional guests. Of course, there's some cool people that we know that you may have heard on other podcasts, but we want to find the people who haven't been in a lot of places and get them to talk about stuff. And so we have some cool ones coming up in a couple weeks.

DC: Yeah, we want the undiscovered ones, the ones who are role models, are mentors. And if you want to be a guest that almost by definition means you probably won't be a guest.

DG: So I got a message from somebody on our team today. And they said," Hey..." Somebody was in Drift, somebody came to the Drift website and sent a message and said," Hey, I'd like to apply to be a speaker at HYPERGROWTH 2018." And she sent me a note and I said," I don't even know who it is, but if they're coming to us and asking to speak, probably not a good fit."

DC: Probably not a good fit, because, no disrespect, I mean, there's lots of venues for all of the people that want to do that, but this is really, we got to keep it personal, we got to keep it real. And we got to keep that bar up. It's people that we actually look to as role models and mentors. And we are the editors of this, because there are people that we actually rely on and those are the people we want to expose to the community so that you can interact with them, you can learn with them. And so we always want to have it really edited.

DG: Yeah, I think of... I want Seeking Wisdom to be something that I want to listen to after we do it.

DC: Bingo, right? That Patty McCord.

DG: Oh my God.

DC: Three times.

DG: Unbelievable.

DC: Three times.

DG: People that I... So I have texts from people, texts from friends of mine who I didn't think listen to Seeking Wisdom text me.

DC: What did they say?

DG: That Patty McCord was real. Unbelievable, she was unbelievable.

DC: So that's the bar now.

DG: Yeah, Klay came on the last episode before this and dropped some knowledge on inaudible traffic. I think it's got to be very tactical and there's some takeaways or people that have stories.

DC: Boom. All right. So what are we talking about?

DG: I think we should talk about your rant first, and then at the end we'll talk about some of the news from this week and just do a little bit of reflection. We don't do it that often, so we'll do that.

DC: So I said I had some rants to talk about, but it's 3: 30 in the afternoon, and by now I've had 50 rants. So I had a hard time remembering which rants I wanted to talk about.

DG: Which one was that?

DC: So the rant was that I was having this morning on a call was about this notion that people, whether they're new on your team or they're existing on the team, they think that the unit of value is to have ideas. And so they want to bring ideas." Hey DG, I got an idea, I got an idea, I got an idea". And everyone wants, and they're so worked up about sharing their idea." I got to share my idea, I got to tell you my idea." And for me, it's like I've always said, I'm sick of ideas. What we want is execute, execute, execute in the Bill Walsh style standard of performance every day. And along that you will have ideas and you will implement those ideas. But as soon as you're talking to me about... There's two things where I go to sleep. If you want to tell me about your idea, I'm falling asleep. Okay, the next thing is any kind of update or plan or conversation where you mention the word months. If you say months to me," In three months, in two months, four months from now, six months," I'm asleep. I'm done. I've turned off.

DG: All right. So hold on, I want to reiterate. So two things that you don't like. Number one, ideas.

DC: Just coming with ideas, because that's not a unit of value.

DG: Yes. Number two... What's shaking, by the way? I don't know.

DC: I don't know.

DG: Okay, sorry about that. Where does that come from? Oh, over there? Hold on one second. Hold on, listeners. Okay. We're better. So number one is ideas. Okay, okay. I get that, I get that. And then number two is months. Now I want to go into these just for a second. Because what's interesting, though, is you and I talk a lot and we trade ideas a lot, right? So what's right about that?

DC: The ideas that we're always talking about are about now. Here's an idea, and then Dave is really good at filtering through them, because I've endless ideas. So there's a little bit of filtering that he does. And he has a rule for that, how to filter me. But I know when we talk about an idea, it's about putting it into place immediately and getting it out there, giving it life, giving it oxygen as we say. Testing it, validating it and seeing if it works. And if it works, let's repeat it. So we're always talking in this scope of immediacy. But when other people are talking to me about ideas, it's this theoretical someday magical three months from now in the context.

DG: So one thing I want to mention, a couple things I'm going to just... So my filter for ideas, right? So for you, this is just because I've learned how to work with you. It's been two years, right? So I get it. But what I learned is, so for me is you are an entrepreneur, you're a doer by nature, right? You're the very rare percentile on a personality scale. And so you have a ton of ideas. And so my filter for you is if it comes up, if I have to, and one of these is... Somebody asked me this earlier, it was actually before HYPERGROWTH. I got a message, they said," Hey, there's going to be a lot of speakers today, there's going to be a lot of ideas. How do you synthesize all these, right? You take a lot of notes? How do you actually synthesize that?" And so my general rule for me is that I try to write everything down, and that's just because I still think that I have so many things that I want to learn. And so just writing them down for me is like doing my job of note taking of somebody's got to do that. That's for me, how I learn. But my answer to that was if somebody gives me an idea and that idea punches me right in the gut, like" Holy shit, that idea is so good," then I act on that one, right? If it doesn't get me that... Because this happens all the time, you meet somebody for a coffee, you meet them in the kitchen and they're like," Hey, you know what would be cool? We should do this thing." And I'm like," Interesting. It's an interesting idea." All right. No offense, just interesting. But if it punches me... What do you think about?

DC: I think that's a great one. I love that one. That's one I live by, because-

DG: That also goes into the why you don't like to do list too, right? You might have an idea like that, that's like," Oh shit, drop everything, and let's go done this thing that you're passionate about."

DC: Totally. I love it, because it leans into something that I believe in, which is that nature and evolution has given you this, whatever you want to call it, this gut, this instinct, whatever it is that you want to call it, but it's giving you this thing, this intuition, right? And when you feel that, you can't fake it. You feel it in the gut, you get a little goosebump. You're like,'" Okay, we're onto something here." And that's what you should lean into. And if you have... Life is too short, hours are limited and ideas are plentiful. So filtered through those things. And even if they theoretically sound interesting, if you don't really get that punch in the gut then just move on.

DG: Yes. So that's one piece. The other piece is don't you feel like you get... You don't really get to be the ideas person unless you've executed on the last...

DC: I think that-

DG: Do you know what I'm saying?

DC: That was me inaudible.

DG: Yes, yes. But you know what I'm saying?

DC: No one gets this, man, this is so important, which is you don't get the right to talk about ideas until you have done something, whatever something is. You have moved the ball, again, back in the Bill Walsh metaphor here. We have moved the ball forward. Now you have earned the right to talk about," Okay, I have an idea, because I just moved the ball forward."

DG: How many times do you meet with people and there's this idea, this idea, this idea, this idea. And it's like," What about that one thing you were supposed to fix months go?

DC: That's 99% of people, I think, that I meet with no exaggeration, which is this idea and this idea, and then the next idea-

DG: The people that have ideas for five different companies, right? It's the same thing, right? Yeah.

DC: Yeah. And so this week we done HYPERGROWTH. We had an announcement, which we'll talk about, which is we want to thank everyone for. We announced our series B and we're here to serve customers. And so if you thought I didn't answer emails before, we're onto another level here.

DG: You announced to the world that you're putting$ 32 million in the bank, you're going to get emails from-

DC: I can't tell you how many emails.

DG: I know what mine is like. I can only imagine what yours is like.

DC: LinkedIn messages, Facebook messages, DMs, Twitter DMS emails, phone calls, text messages. I've never gotten so many text messages where my content-

DG: You don't know the number?

DC: I don't know the... I'm like," Who is this? Whose text messaging?

DG: New phone, who dis?

DC: Oh my goodness. I said that to a couple of people," Sorry, it's a new phone. Who's this?" So tons and tons and tons of people reaching out. But anyway, the people are reaching out. We have a whole bunch of news. We've done a whole bunch of things. But the overarching question that so many of them have is," How'd you do that?" And I'm just like," Man-

DG: I don't have time.

DC: "...I don't have time. We've been talking about this. Here's how I did it."

DG: Go listen to episode one of Seeking Wisdom.

DC: We've been grinding every day, day in, day out, day in, day out. And nobody wants to hear it, but grind, grind, grind, grind.

DG: You know what, I've been in this weird mood yesterday and today, because I think everybody, now that HYPERGROWTH is over, and we did the series B announcement, everybody is coming up to me and saying," How does it feel, man? Are you relieved?" And I don't feel indifferent, because it's been every day. It's not like it's been every day for the last two months, right? It's been every day for almost two years like that. And so I don't feel that sense of relief, right? I feel relief, I'm so happy we executed. It was an amazing day. I'm so proud of everybody. But I don't feel any different. So it's been weird, I'm in a weird mood, what should I feel? It's crazy

DC: Yeah. My reply to everyone has been," Thanks for the well wishes, onto the hard work."

DG: So I don't know how we got there, but number one was ideas. What was the other thing? Do you remember?

DC: That I didn't want ideas.

DG: Yes.

DC: No, I forgot.

DG: Ideas. All right, anyway. So I want to talk about HYPERGROWTH, and I just made this note, because I wanted to remember to mention this too. I can't remember if I told you this at HYPERGROWTH, but during one of the breaks, some guy comes up to me, shout out guy, you're probably listening to this. And he's like," Hey." He's like," I got a question for you, man." He's like," I listen to your podcast and I just saw you up here." He's like," Everybody likes to give you a hard time." He's like," Everybody's hard..." He was like," DC's hard on you. He is hard on you." He's like," I have a hard time dealing with it." He's like," How do you deal with that?" And I was like, wait, first of all, A, they're not really hard, that's not a real thing. You don't know what happens behind the scenes. But B, this is what we say all the time, comfort is the enemy of growth. And so if you don't have people that are with you that are pushing you. You always-

DC: If you only want to be around people that are never going to push you out of comfort zone, what is that?

DG: Exactly?

DC: That's not love, that's not pushing, that's not a friendship, in my opinion.

DG: And it's the same thing, we talk about it all the time. It's the reason why Patriots went to Superbowl and then the next day they're saying," All right, who's on the team for next year?"

DC: Love is your mom saying," DG, you're screwing up?

DG: Yeah,"DG, come on."

DC: "Focus."

DG: "You got broccoli in your teeth."

DC: Yeah. That is a sign of love. Love is not your everything's fine, you're great, awesome, don't change anything, you're perfect, don't learn anything new. Not in my book.

DG: All right. Let's do a little rapid fire. Question number one, did HYPERGROWTH confirm or the opposite of confirm that there is a movement out there bigger than Drift?

DC: I don't know what the word is that is above confirm, but it punched me in the face and the gut at the same time. And thank you, HYPERGROWTH was off the hizzook, as they say.

DG: I can't put words on it, because look, and I said this to somebody, I said," My job is I hype up a lot of things. I'm a hype man, that's what I do, that's my thing." We talk a lot of shit, right? But that was unbelievable, but it was electric. The response was insane. And so it's just cool to be sitting here where for six months we were like," It's going to be amazing. Go get your ticket. Promo code, seeking wisdom."

DC: It had its own energy, man.

DG: And it had its own energy.

DC: It was just flowing, and we had the DJ on the stage. You had the music. We had endless messages. We had a party after. We had another after party after that. And people were just over the moon just saying," Man, this is something different. I've never seen anything like this. Next year, can we sponsor next year? Can we be there next year? When are the tickets coming out for the next year?"

DG: I had somebody ask me at 10: 05. The conference had been on for 35 minutes and they said," We want to be the premier sponsor for next year."

DC: Oh, let's go.

DG: I said," No."

DC: Yeah, let's talk about that. I don't know, I don't know. So it's awesome, HYPERGROWTH-

DG: So to reiterate, that there's something bigger-

DC: Bigger than us. I mean, HYPERGROWTH proved, and we talked about it at HYPERGROWTH, that this is not about us, there's something bigger here that we're tapping into altogether. That we want a different way of learning and different way of working, a different way of getting better. And the best way to do that is to do that together, so that we can expose you through this podcast and through HYPERGROWTH and through other events to our role models, our peer groups, our mentors, and vice versa. And together, we're going to learn and be better tomorrow than we were today and better next year than we were last year. And that's what the movement's about. And they want it to be real, they feel the realness. And so thank you for coming out. Thank you for supporting us. It's going to be bigger next year. It's going to be better. We already have a million ideas of how we level it up.

DG: Yeah. I mean, that's all I can say. Stay tuned. We're going to drop 2018 soon. I'll be honest with you and tell you we don't know yet. We we have a bunch of ideas, a bunch of different levels, a bunch of different ways we could take it. So that's the deal on HYPERGROWTH. Holler at us if you want to talk more about it. Next thing, before we wrap up, I want to ask you is this week we raised our series B, we announced it this week. And I saw somebody tweet at you on Twitter, and they said," If we don't need the money, why did we raise this?" And I thought this would be a good opportunity for you to answer that question.

DC: Yeah. That was a funny Tweet. So why we raised our series B. And we had raised a series A, so obviously eventually we will probably raise additional financing, but at this point, because we already went down the road of being venture backed, at this point, we did not need to raise any more money. Because of maybe, because of my miserly ways that we still have a significant-

DG: Miserly ways.

DC: ...significant percentage of our series A still in the bank. And so it wasn't because of runway wasn't because of pressure there. We could have kept growing nicely with the money that we had. It was because of you, everyone listening to this, because we feel that now is the time. The movement is way bigger than Drift, right? We are just here to serve the movement, serve our customers and try to rethink and reimagine sales and marketing and how that works in the modern world. And we think all of you have spoken and told us that you want a different way. And so we were lucky to have our current investors, General Catalyst and CRV step up to lead this round. And then we were happy to bring in Sequoia Capital. You might have heard of them.

DG: We actually did a podcast with Pat from Sequoia, which we're putting out soon, which is pretty cool.

DC: Only the number one VC firm in the world.

DG: And by the way, the podcast is cool, because we didn't talk about any of that stuff. It's all about him and career and learning.

DC: And also, our past colleagues at HubSpot invested in this round. And so we raised a$ 32 million round, which is amazing. We're going to add a hundred plus people here and in San Francisco, and there might be a European location coming soon, stay tuned. But that is not about us, that's not about Drift, that's about you guys, the movement, something bigger. And we're just here to serve you guys and try to make sure that we do you well.

DG: You said timing is the most important thing. And so you can't afford to... We might have the coolest thing in the world, but if the timing isn't right, it doesn't matter.

DC: It doesn't matter.

DG: That was the biggest thing.

DC: And we feel the timing is right, so let's go get it. Together we can reinvent the way that we work, the way that we learn and the way that we progress in our careers and personal lives. And we want to do that together as a community. We got this, let's get it.

DG: All right. So that's it. That's a little thank you, a little rant. I'm excited.

DC: Here's how you can be part of this community. There's this little app on the iPhone, it's called Apple Podcasts.

DG: Oh, I've heard that.

DC: You open up that app-

DG: I'm a little... I don't know if it's because we've been pushing HYPERGROWTH, those reviews have slowed down a little bit.

DC: What? Uh-oh. All right, we need some reviews. We still need to get to that 1, 000 mark, we haven't hit it.

DG: Do we charge for this podcast?

DC: No, it's free.

DG: Oh, okay. Weird.

DC: Weird. So maybe you could hit us up with a little review, six star review, worst case five star review.

DG: Worst case.

DC: Shout out the team. Let us know if you went to HYPERGROWTH. Let us know if you want to be at HYPERGROWTH next year. And, if you hit us up and you talk about HYPERGROWTH and say," I want to be at HYPERGROWTH." Leave a five star review, we are going to pick some people to give you a golden ticket so that you have free access to HYPERGROWTH next year.

DG: Love it.

DC: Let's get it.

DG: Peace.

DC: Boom.


If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. ----- Ideas. Everyone has them. But do you really need more ideas? Or better execution? That's the topic of a classic DC rant today. And also a huge thank you to everyone for the support at HYPERGROWTH, some news about our Series B, and more. Two Ways To Support The Show 1. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. 2. Leave us a five-star review. Here’s how to leave a review: bit.ly/5-Stars-Only Connect With Us Follow David (twitter.com/dcancel) and Dave (twitter.com/davegerhardt) on Twitter. Come hang out with us on Twitter @seekingwisdomio. Learn more about Drift at Drift.com.